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Weird Sensations

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Hi all, it's four weeks today since my SAH and as per my previous post you will probably all know that Im not coping very well right now.

Just a question regarding the after sensations, I suffer bad headaches/eye pain, dizziness, nausea etc since the SAH but last night I had a new sensation, it was a really weird feeling in my head that went down my neck into the top of my back and really scared me. Im unsure as to when it would be wise to go to a&e because obviously Im very panicky at the moment and would move in there until all this was over if I could lol. Im going off the pain side of things, if I got a severe pain again then that would be the time to go to the hospital.

Also why do I feel like I've got a ticking bomb inside my head waiting to explode? The nurse said to me that now I have had the coiling I have as much chance as her of having another SAH but why cant I believe this, why am I constantly thinking it's going to happen again or something else is going to happen as a result of the SAH. I just want to feel normal and stop all this worrying. It's taking over me completely. Im under the doctors for this but it's not helping at the moment.

Sorry just need to write down how Im feeling xx

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Hi you

Gosh it's horrible isnt it. And your trying to be mum too whist getting better. Hang in there. Big hug.:-D

Wierd sensations are not uncommon , at least not for me. One of the other members Kris I think, could probably explain why the brain healing creates such wierd sensations. Does it feel a bit like banging your funny bone but with different parts of your body getting the tingling impact?. Not pleasant at all. Headway offer a helpline which I've used staffed by nurses . It's not open today but strongly suggest you speak to them. Tel. 08088002244 . They can offer some really solid support and reassurance when you are feeling worried and unsure. But get checked out if youre concerned

Keep talking and letting out the worry. That will help.

Daff x

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If it is worrying you tell your Doc as we cannot take stress. So my surgeon told me

Keep calm and think happy thoughts, it took me over a year to realise what had happened to me as I was out of it until I had a shunt fitted.

Life gets better so Good Luck and do what you think is right for you,

Best wishes and hope you feel better


WinB143 xx

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Hi there

We all go through that, I know I did & that was 13years ago now, as time passes buy it'll get easier honestly.

If you are really worried I would go to your GP or A&E for your piece of mind it is more likely healing going on but getting it checked out is maybe best.

But it really does ease with time...

take care

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Hi there four weeks is no time at all. The blood needs to be absorbed back wherever it belongs lol.

Try not to worry that will only make all your feelings feel more intense.

Drink plenty of water and rest when you need to.

Hope you start to feel better soon but remember your brain has been through alot and it needs to recover and that will take time. Jess.xxx

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I agree whole heartedly with what has been said so far, another alternative is the Brain & spine foundation helpline, again staffed by nurse specialists, I have also emialed them when needing some advice.

I used to get creeping, tickling feelings on my head as part of my skull healing, lots of itchiness under the skull around my scar area (I was clipped). Its is hard to trust what the medics say but I can honestly say I have been on BTG for over 2 years & have never known anyone have a second rupture. I used to pray every night to wake up the next day but it does ease off & you do begin to trust what you are told. I would def ask your gp for help & maybe some counselling or CBT, as I'm sure you know the more you stress/panic the worse you will feel. Hugs (())

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Hi Jord

It is terrifying in the early months whenever you get a pain or a twinge but you have to believe that the doctors know their stuff & if they say your coiling has been successful then the odds are extremely high that it has been. I had blasts of pain that scared the life out of me, I still get them but can now recognise the difference between 'ow that really, really hurts' and the initial pain of the SAH hitting me as being different, the SAH pain was out of this world and left me unable to think or breathe properly.

What you are feeling now is really horrible & very scary but you will start to gain confidence in your recovery over time. Always ring NHS 24 or go to A & E if you are worried to get reassurance when needed. You have been through a massive event and it takes times to regain confidence that all is ok. When I had my SAH I was lying there looking at the phone but unable to move to get to it and phone for help. It has taken over 4 years to occasionally be fine with going into another room to have a sleep without my mobile phone to hand 'just in case'.

It takes a very long time to feel safe again but the nurse you spoke to to is absolutely right, you have been coiled & there is very little chance of this happening to you again. There are so many different sensations & strange feelings during recovery that it takes time to realise which ones you have had before and nothing bad happened during/after it before you can put it down to being an annoying after effect of the SAH.

This will get easier for you in time.

Michelle xx

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Yes you are 'Normal'. We all have experienced weird sensations and pains. As one wanes, another waxes. It is very frustrating at times. I've determined that when I get severe neck pain, it is really a stomach bubble. :crazy: My brain has mixed up these signals in the healing process. At first, I used to worry all the time about my various pains/sensations, now I just put up with it and breathe through them. It is so strange how you can be totally hurting and then the very next minute, it is completely gone. I've given up on figuring it all out. I only know that it comes and goes in many areas of the body - neurons, how much they affect everything!

One thought is that as I was really worried...I think I had PTSD, it REALLY helped me to find someone professional to talk with who understood the psychological aspect of neurological healing, and then I didn't have to burden my family/friends all the time with it. Even though I was/am struggling, I don't want to be a total downer. At first, I went every week and now I am at every two weeks and almost ready to call it quits after the holidays I think. My Neuropsychologist has helped me through many transitions that occur and given me some good prospective as well.

Keep posting, it'll help :-D


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I want to thank you all so much for your replies, it is really reassuring and appreciated.

I ended up at A&E yesterday as I felt really ill, my headaches have been worse last couple of days and I also have really bad pain on the left side of my back/lung area which they said is muscular, how I do not know as I havent hardly done anything for the last four weeks lol. I have been suffering with my chest and top of back since haemorrhage, very strange.

As I suffered from anxiety before the SAH I am awaiting an appointment for CBT but god knows how long it will take to come through. I have started Anti D's as I am willing to try anything to make me feel a little better about this whole thing.

Anyway just popped on to thank you all, dont get on the lap top much lately and cant log in on my phone for some reason xx

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