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Do you ever get better?

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When I first joined BTG over 2 years ago I was searching for people who got better and answers to when this would happen. There was no question in my mind that it would not happen :oops:

After all the help & advice I have received from others on here, it would be rude not to post my improvements in return.......

I can't say I am better BUT my need to sleep every day, in the afternoon, has lessened in the last few months.Most days I still need to but some days I don't. I went Christmas shopping on Wednesday, leaving my house at 9.30am and getting home at 3.30pm after travelling more than I like to (but by public transport not driving myself). I was getting a bit muddled & my friend noticed things that I wasn't doing well, my head was sore by the end of it, but I DID IT!

Today, I went to my voluntary work for 2 hours (half hour drive on the way there - dull, wet, busy road :shocked: which tires me out really badly) busy, noisy supermarket after, half hour drive home, stopping at a relatives to drop paperwork off, busy post office que,then in to the bank. Then I got home, unpacked my shopping, hoovered my house & washed my floors. And did not rest or sleep in between :biggrin: But I did have no memory of where my handbag was and no memory of asking someone to put it where I eventually found it :crazy:

I also had a 2 hour period feeling very stressed and of being bad tempered & impatient (mostly in ASDA where I swore badly but mostly under my breath) and found it hard to drive home, but again, I did it. Six months ago, this would not have been possible!

I might not be able to get up & do anything tomorrow (same as after the shopping trip 2 days ago) but the fact that I did the two full days I have managed this week is an improvement I never thought would happen.

I know I am not 'better' and tomorrow might hurt really quite badly but these things would NOT have been possible before - so, while it is not a perfect outcome, I really hope that this will be a positive story for others. Who knows what next year will bring in improvements? :biggrin:

M xx

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That is wonderful Michelle. With all that is on your plate ( Dylan) the level of stress you have everyday should just wear you, never mind the SAH! I am happy to read this post, as much I seem to alway think when will this get better I must say everyday it gets better I just EXPECT more!!! I expect to feel like I was 20 years old on most days. I forget that was 33 years ago until I see a photo of myself!

Well done sister! Hip Hip Huray!! Pretend we are all throwing you up in the air. :lol:


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Well done GG as Win forgets to catch you on way down and blames MB xx lol

I have noticed bits about me like headaches are getting better ie not so severe.

I always think I have misplaced handbag and it is always in kitchen on the same chair lol.

My Al makes me do more for myself (swears under breath lol) which is good as I could get used to being waited on.

Glad you are on the up but do not overdo it. Listen to body and brain xx and me and MB lol xx j/k

Well done and keep progressing xx I'll join you one day xx


Win xxxxxxxxxxx

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If I'm being honest Louise - I am pretty floored today :frown: I woke up early and stayed up for a couple of hours, then went back to bed and slept for another 6 hours!!

I still feel this has been an improvement though. I would not have managed to do that much in one day before without having to stop before I collapsed. It feels good to have been able to do a full day instead of just having a few good hours in a day. Perhaps these full days will become more regular.

Michelle xx

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Hi Michelle, it's really great that you posted your progress. That's a lot of stuff packed into one day! You must be overjoyed! After many times before of thinking 'Im cured!' it would come as no surprise that you needed rest and sleep the next day so I'm hoping you aren't feeling sad. There is reason to celebrate! A day with energy is precious! It's so encouraging to read that more of these days come over time.


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Hi Michelle,

I'm coming to this thread very late and I don't know how I missed it in the first place!

I'm glad to hear that you are seeing improvements even if you did crash later, to have gotten through the first day was a brilliant achievement and then to go on to doing voluntary work too is amazing! It's such a good feeling to see positive changes and it's really nice to read about them too.

Dawn x

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Hi everyone,

This thread has come at an opportune moment. I have been on this site for around two years now since my SAH on 1st September 2010. Some of you will recall I had a damaged pituitary gland and that I was to have growth hormone replacement therapy. Well I finally started it on 10th December 2012. I take it by injection every day and I have to say the improvement in my condition is nothing short of remarkable. I have my evenings back, I'm not asleep all the time, my concentration is better and I genarally feel almost normal. I still have short term memory loss but even that doesn't seem quite as bad. I have more stamina and strength. My headaches appear to have stopped. A couple of days ago I was in the kitchen, preparing a meal, when all of a sudden it hit me. The enormity of what I had been through was at an end. I wept.

And then I wept some more. Even though I am a man and big boys don't cry, I am afraid I did and I am not ashamed to say so. My life has changed enormously. I am so grateful to all who have helped me especially my wife and the medical team at the hospital. The part played by everyone on this site supporting and understanding has been truly magnificent. This is such a wonderful site and in my darkest days it was to here that I turned. You didn't judge but you understood and provided me with the platform to get through this awful, awful time. Thank you so much to all. It's been a long time coming and I have to inject myself everyday for the rest of my life, but I didn't quite realise how much I had missed normality. I think I am as well now as I am ever likely to be. So here is your tale of someone who gets better or as near as is possible. I hope it gives you strength and belief that there is a chance for you all.

I am,indeed, a lucky man.

Merry Christmas everyone.

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Aw Macca,

That is brilliant news :biggrin: I had a few tears reading that, I can only imagine how emotional that moment where you realised that you are getting your life back was - evenings and all :biggrin:

I am so happy for you & I probably don't need to wish you a happy Christmas, looks like that's exactly what you will be having now!

Keep us posted.

Michelle xx

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I am teary now as I write this. Thank you all so much. I wish I could wave a magic wand and make everyone better! I am back at work full time, my treatment is working and I have a wonderful new wife and my own family appear to have come through their own troubles. I think this may be the best Christmas I will have had in many years.

Merry Christmas everyone - stay positive, believe in yourselves and the belief of others will follow.

Thanks Michelle, Win, Daf and Sandi. I hope I can help others over time. What a fantastic bunch frequent this site....

I will raise a toast to BTG on Christmas day when I have my Christmas Dinner. If we all do that we can be as one despite the huge distances between us all.

Have a great Christmas Day!


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Thank you all,

The selflessness of people here is truly magnificent and it is heartwarming after you read and hear of all the bad things going on in the world. I've been thinking about these posts all night and this morning and I must confess I am now on a bit of a guilt trip at feeling so well when others don't and I really wish I could do something about that and help everyone. However if all I can do is give others hope and belief, then that is something, at least.

So Mary,Michelle, Win, Daff, Bev, Dawn, Sarah Lou, Dr Lin lin, Sandi and not forgetting David(Amex) and Canadian Carl and everyone else, too many to mention, here's to a wonderful festive season and my sincere best wishes to you all.

To those of you still suffering, rest assured that I will be thinking of you and wishing you improved health and wellbeing over the coming year

Best wishes everyone - have a great time!!!!


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macca, I understand that guilty feeling as I feel I am not sufffering as bad as some. BUT if you were here I would ask if you if you are Cathoilic! All my Catholic friends are always feelign guilty. I kid you Catholics as I was raised mostly in your church but still my poor C friends.........lol

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Thank you Macca - I haven't been on BTG for some time, but came today looking for good news and I found it!

I came on today to check out whether any SAH sufferers have gone on to have thyroid problems, but can't find anything as yet. I may even start a thread (get me!)

Two letters arrived for me today from the hospital. The first was informing my GP of investigations for suspected thyroid cancer, and the second giving me a surgery date for a hemi-thyroidectomy on 8th January! I only saw the consultant a couple of weeks ago, so that seems very soon!

Aside from being heartily sick of hospitals I'm not overly concerned, mainly hopeful that the thyroid may be the cause of the extreme fatigue that still plagues me two and a half years after my SAH. I too would like my evenings back please!

I have received amazing support from fellow BTG'ers, so thank you one and all - how fortunate we all are to be here is something I never forget.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy Christmas and New Year.

Mace x


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Macca I have just caught up with this thread having spent the last few days feeling heartily sorry for myself. I am really pleased for you, your post has given me much needed hope for a brighter future.

Have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy your improving health.


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