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Head injury ok after SAH

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Hello all:

Well I finally found something the doctors told me after the SAH to be true! :). It's ok to suffer a head bump and your SAH will be ok.

Let me explain. Monday morning I was having a Bad Dream and I fell out of bed and crashed my head directly in to a glass picture frame on the floor next to my bed. It was scary. My body hurled head first into the glass and I woke up on the floor bleeding in a pool of glass. I wouldnt have thought it was real until I grabbed my head and felt blood.

I cut my head in two places and glass everywhere. I thinkst me lucky it wasnt worse. Im ok now but like seriously? So now the dried blood is coming off and leaving my scalp exposed. With the usual brain tingling it feels like my brain is split wide open. Fun stuff.

But I had no after effects like concussion or headache (other than my daily one) that were concerning. So you see it is ok to hit your head after SAH and be ok. I wouldnt advise be a head first crash dummy like me though. this is so crazy I could not make this up. I cant have many lives left. Does it ever end?



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OH my David, Glad you are ok. That first head hit is scarey stuff. Did you need stitches? Oh my bet you frightened you wife to death! It is such a relief to feel later after you gather your wits that you are ok.

I have a couple of blind spots -

1. It causes me to turn shopping cart too early down the next isle.

2. When I bend over I think I am always going to hit my head on something as I cannot judge the distance and I freak a bit but good thing as I am so very careful.

3. I often think I am going to hit my head or someone is going to hit me if they come too fast at me and I do the silly dance ok more the silly arms like the woman in THE BIRDS fighting off the Birds in the attic. :lol:

I have had a few good head butts with dogs hitting me at work. One I was avoiding a bite and she really hit me hard enough that my glasses flew far away.

Glad to her you are OK Mr Dave Man.


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Sorry to hear about your glass shattering experience, how are you now? Seriously ?

Was you scared David bet you was xx

Well that's one way of seeing if heads okay? though a bit drastic I might add !

Honestly are you okay David?

You are are a tough one so all will be well, thought you had been quiet though.

Be Well David and Family xx

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David hope your ok.

I hit my head yesterday on a metal pole in the clothing department at Tesco. And cannot repeat what I said here.

I am always having knocks to my head you stop worrying about it after the first few times lol. Jess.xxx

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Thanks all,

It really was scary. I'm ok now. But it's good that I didn't hit the corner of the nightstand or something. Imagine waking up with your head in a pile of glass. Yes, scared the heck out of my wife. As if our partners arent worried enough of us eh?

With the blood peeling now, it feels like my brain is peeling off in pieces. I get tingling most days so it feels like I have a hole in my head (no jokes). I guess I have a hard head. Must remove all things from near bed now!

Mary- I hit people in grocery with cart cause cant see the corner. And am freaked out by low ceilings as they feel closer. I am imagining Mary waving at the Birds flocking her.

Thanks all,


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Oh heck David!! Glad you are ok now.

I bent down to get something from a drawer in the kitchen & forgot the overhang of the worktop & clobbered my head as I got up. It was on the scar side too but apart from a dull headache & feeling very silly I was fine! For me its cos I can't measure distances too well cos of only having single vision.

In winter ice is a huge enemy for me, jsut the thought of slipping & banging my head terrifies me

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David, David, David. Your poor missus! Your poor head!

I'm glad you are ok though, and speaking as someone with a permanent hole in the skull (leftovers from my EVD) I think youll find the increase of air circulation adds a new perspective!

One of my daughters accidentally whacked me in the head just after I had the shunt placed. I saw the little birdies fly round , we all cried but it was nice to know that you can still bump your nonce and be ok.

I suggest strapping a pillow to the bedside cabinet to avoid future altercations. Or wear a safety helmet in bed...not very romantic though:lol:

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What a fright! Remove all sharp and dangerous objects from around your bed or as Daff suggests wear a helmet! :lol:

All the adrenaline from the scare and shock will be playing havoc with your fatigue I imagine, on top of making your headache worse. Can you have a headache on top of another headache?

Sandi K.

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Hi David,

I can tell you're ok, you keep going on about the glass and not the blood! Crikey, it must have been worrying when you were thinking 'what might happen next?' and then relief when the answer is 'I'm ok, nothing's happening'.

Really glad it's turned out ok, and helps the rest of us not to worry too much if we bang our heads! Phew!!!

Just hope you can get all the blood and glass out of the carpet!


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