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Real Stressed Headache

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I think I am losing the plot. here goes need to give vent.

I have always had stressed out headaches before SAH, but last night I was so stressed out as it was Dads day and my

Daughters b/day and I had to be well for them both.

I tried but when hubby came to bed I was crying and holding my shunt bump and neck. (Al had been moaning also!)

I was feeling so down and head still hurts by shunt, so got to make appointment with Doc.

I have never felt so scared, as before SAH I just used to get Al to hold my head but since SAH I hardly have bad heads.

Okay feeling sorry for myself now and that wont help me any.

Just needed to sound off about my fear xx

Thanks All

WinB143 xx

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Hi Win,

I hope you're ok. Sorry for the headache. I know you will get it checked out cause your smarter than the average Winnie the Pooh Pooh bear. I'll pray for your tender head. Now get it checked out please. thats an Order.


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Oh no winb143 hope your ok

its unusual, since I joined the site, to hear your having a bad day, rant all u want as you always support

Us when we rant with an inspirational response which makes things seem better !

Take care and I hope all is well

Love Sarahg

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Sending super big hugs your way Win but please go and get this checked out! I have been told any tenderness is something to report. A simple series of scans will quickly check the shunt is working correctly, they are very non scary. You can do it Win!

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Thanks All xx

Doc will fit me in tomorrow but sods law, I feel better since I typed it down and told you All xx (and had a cry lol).

Thank goodness for you BTGers xx Thanks All xx

What would we do without this site, phew !! Thanks Karen and Mods

Will keep you updated but feel better already.

I think you are all smashing, ta all xx

Win xx xx Be Well All xx

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Morning Win. I really hope you feel better today and everything checks out fine.

Like sarahg said your replies and post are always uplifting and put a smile on our faces so if you want to rant and scream and shout go ahead

Good luck xxxx

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Update on Docs visit and thanks all and Brian,

As I said my head felt better after telling you All xx

Still went to Docs he said" Well you look great but if you want me to send you up hospital I will"

Then he said your blood/p is okay and made sounding noises, like "do you get tension you look well" which made me feel great.

I said to him if I feel worse I will call him straight away and we left it like that, I feel better and thanks all of you for

being here for me xx a trouble shared xx


Win the Whinger xx xx I'd put hypochondriac but cannot spell it xx

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You are not a whiner..........you may be on the bottom of the list of Whiners! Glad all checked out ok. I just asked someone else if they check their BP at home? I have had to track mine for sometime and I was shocked how high it was when I was having pain.

XOXXO marybtheretoholdyourhandandpumpthemachineforyou!

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My Al got me a b/p machine and he tested it on himself to see how it worked.

He had to go to Docs with high blood pressure as my daughter said "oh Dad that is way too high" and scared the life out of him.

Cannot stop laughing about that time xx do you know I never thought to use it when I felt rough.


Win xx Winwhofeelsgreat xx xx

Edited by Winb143
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Boy I understand that!! I was just was talking ( texting ) Michelle about her needing to take headache meds before head was unbearable. I asked her if she takes BP when head hurts etc.... so she went and took her headache pills. I lliterally a few minutes later had a pulsating vein in my neck that I could see pulsating up and down. I was like "What the heck is that about??!!". She than said why don't you take your blood pressure???? Duh! I tell you it takes a village of us to get it right! :lol:

XO mary

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Thanks Mary,

You are a medicine in itself, you do make me laugh (sitting here smiling and Al goes "what you smiling at ).

I say to him "the dog lady" he knows you by that name xx

SL ta pal xx and Michelle hope you all feel better after Mary's advice ha ha . xx

Be well one and All and once again thanks xx

Thanks to All of you xx Yes and you David xx

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Glad you are feeling much better Win, don't ever feel that a bad head is a whinge!!

Hubby bought a bp machine from Lidl & it works fine for him but every time I try to use it it comes up with an error message!! Then my bp goes up each time it fails!! :devil::devil:

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