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2 years since!


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I just had my 2 year anniversary.

At the first anniversary, I thought that my SAH date was more defining than my birth date for me. This year, they are about equal. Without being born, I would not live and without SAH I wouldn't have evolved this far this fast.

As I reflect, I see that I am finally at a point where I feel that no therapy will change my lot...only I can with how I frame my story. It is a great relief and a great sadness/loss because I lived my life as if every moment was a therapeutic moment. I now believe that every moment is a living moment.

Reframing my story to reflect a greater purpose helps me to embrace SAH with loving arms instead of contempt. I am evolving to be a more spiritual person and a more giving/loving person without the constraints of time. I owe this all to SAH because without it, I would have continued on the path of pursuing passion instead of spirt. My passions were leadership, my mind, body, being good at almost everything I tried, and money. I have released all of these. I love what I am even if I am 'doing' or not doing things.

I hope all will come to rejoice in their condition.


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Thank you for your thoughtful post Kris.

Life post SAH is nothing like what I envisioned for myself pre-SAH and therefore it has been a totally new and unexpected journey. There are positives and negatives but I try to focus on the positives, and there are plenty of them.

I find it truly remarkable that you have released your passions, but as a fellow SAH’er I can understand your reasons for doing so.

Congratulations on reaching 2 years on your journey, and special thanks to you for sharing your experiences over the past 2 years, and for your willingness to support other BTG’ers.

Best wishes


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Congratulations. Truly remarkable and honest post. I have watched your journey from afar over the last 12 - 18 months and shared first hand some of the difficulties and frustrations you have faced.

It is wonderful that you have found that level of inner peace, which I am certain will give you the strength to continue on your journey. I have learnt much from you and this latest post is, as ever, very thought provoking.

Inner peace holds the key for us all, finding it is the single most difficult achievement most of us will have faced in our lives. I shall continue to search for it within myself, reading your posts will help me in my search.

Thank you for sharing the highs and lows of your journey with us, truly inspirational.


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Congratulations Kris

your posts are always inspirational. I hope I feel like that at 2 years, it sounds so hopeful. It's good to have come to some lovely and useful conclusions for your life and spiritual development. I can relate to the pursuing of passions, I am very much like this and would like to be happier just being, rather than pursuing and conquering and doing and all that jazz.

best wishes



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Congratulations Kris,

Look forwards not back, great to see you've adapted - well done, I am very proud of you. Change is inevitable in all aspects of life not just post SAH - so see it as opportunities opening up, not losing what you think you had - you didn't -you just thought you had! So grasp your new chances with both hands! Go girl! Your new outlook is so psoitive and fresh - may it bring you all that you desire and more!


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Yes, I find I have changed my priorities since my SAH 2 and a half years ago. It left me suffering from PTSD and I have turned to meditation and positive thinking and philosophy to help me deal with this. Also I find myself much more compassionate towards people with mental problems since I have developed anxiety and depression. I am slowly coming out of it thanks to these practises.

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Kris. Loved your post, yet again it gives me inspiration as I barrell slowly to my two year mark. I think we can all consider ourselves a member of the Slow movement for now which isnt such a bad thing and I for one find new wonder and comfort in the things that previously I may have raced past.

I'm doing the Deepak/ Oprah meditation challenge at the moment, anyone else? I don't manage it every day but finding time to quiet my mind and rest has allowed me to quiet some of the anxieties and rest my poor healing brain but I think any meditative practise is very healing.

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