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Weird smells

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Hi All,

As I have said in earlier post, my house smells of carbolic.

I am now thinking it is me as my family cannot smell it.

Has anyone heard about weird smells after SAH?

I have chucked all my perfumes away as I thought they had gone off, darn it I think it is me.

I get a sickly carbolic/petroleum/burning wood smell. hmmm nice Win.

Anyone ever get it?

Yours truly

WinB143 alias paranoid xx xx

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Hi Win

I can't say I have, but then I'm still in the early stages of recovery.

However, I have heard that after brain injuries peoples taste in food can change dramatically with them hating stuff they previously loved (and vice verse). Given a large part of taste is actually the smell of good, I presume this could mean in theory that your sense of smell could have been changed and what your smelling is something that previously would not have bothered you (or maybe even notice)?

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Good thinking Hoof,

What made me realise it was I bought a new scarf and that smelt also.

So I asked myself "Win this scarf is new how can it smell"? I never replied to myself as I was getting weird looks as

I had scarf up left nostril.

Seriously the smell is getting to me but I made myself giggle answering you xx

Thanks for cheering me up.


WinB143 xx xx

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I was really sensitive to tastes of sweet and sour. I still can't eat grapes or yogurt in the mornings as they make me make that horrid sour face. But, in the afternoon, I can eat oranges all I want or even cranberries.

No weird smells to report. My teacher told me that weird smells might be indicative of a brain tumor, but SAH seems just as likely depending upon where your bleed was...because obviously, it can cause brain damage as well.

Too bad about the perfume. Actually, ask your spouse about that one, maybe he's glad you got rid of them all?

Blessings and curses!


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Some smells can stick with you for weeks.

In my younger days I had to go into a building where a thick jelly like disinfectant was used liberally. That clung to me for weeks in spite of wearing totally different clothes. It even seemed to stick in my throat.

Given time it will diminish and I do not think it is anything to do with SAH, just the chemical he was using.

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Win, my sense of smell is more acute than it was prior to SAH and I often send hubby off in search off the source of a odd smell. Also like you I changed my perfume as just didn't like the smell anymore.

Have you any fragrances that you really like now? My suggestion would be whenever you get one of the horrid smells that you counter it by spraying the one you do like. Could I suggest eau d'macaroon?

Hope you sort it pal.

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Hi All,

Went out feeling good a bit smelly but it is all in my mind right?

Well I said to my daughter "can you smell the house smell?" this was in the car mind you !!

She said "yes Mum I smell it ever since Dad cleaned toilet"

So we decided to get rad brush and do a clean, also I was telling a stranger about funny smells (Win talks to all

and sundry now days ) , she the stranger said "Tell ya what, try lemons in your house in a bowl of warm water"

People are kind aren't they, mind if it doesn't work I'll throw lemons at her.

Thank you all very much for replies xx

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hi win

i occassionally get the smell of dog poo

no one else smells it so i have accepted it is just me as i now find it happens when i am getting over tired

i use it as a sign to slow down or just back off the work i am doing

we all laugh at work when i suddenly say i can smell poo

i have had smell disturbances ever since my sah as i remember i threw a new purse away not long after i came out of hospital because it smelt of fish

i think our brain just distorts the smell


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Could well be our brains seeing how much more we can take lol

Tell you what I'll pass my carbolic smell to you and do not go chucking anymore purses away.

I really have to blame hubby as he isn't too good at DIY

Keep smiling

Win xx xx

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Di, I was going to post saying that I've experienced the taste thing but had no issues with smell until I read this post. I can often smell dog poo. This is usually late afternoon after my second teabreak. I go out for a walk in an area where dogs are walked and the smell is so strong I check my shoes!

I've never connected this to fatigue before but that makes perfect sense. Thanks to Di for solving a mystery for me. So the answer is yes Win, I've experienced stange smells!

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How weird! I never though of it, but I too have had that "dog poo" smell when there was none. I just thought I was imagining it. More recently, I smell gas in the house, but I'm told it doesn't smell and the gas check was fine, so who knows.... I also smell gas often in the street and think the place is going to blow up! I never noticed any of this before, but I've no clue if it's related.

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Many thanks it makes me feel good to know I am not the only one who smells !! Can smell !! lol

I do blame my hubby, bless him everything his fault. Poor man xx

Water smells in taps so I think he messed up water when cleaning as last night our bedroom smelled but not so bad.

Radiators go on and a smell wafts pass me.

Merry Everything one and all and to all a Goodnight xx

WinB143 ( who takes peg to bed for nose). xx xx

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