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Stuart - Hello from Fife, Scotland


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Hello to all. My name is Stuart and live in the county of Fife, Scotland. I have been reading this forum for some weeks now and would like to say that it has brought great comfort to me knowing that there is such a place as this, well done the site owners! And thank you to all who find the energy and courage to share, and relive their experiences! Like me, there is no doubt many people who read the posts here but have yet to find the courage to register.

I had my SAH on the 11th November 2013. I've had/have extensive acute SAH within the supracellar cisterns/ ACOM aneursym and coiling and 5 lumber punctures but only 3 worked. Wont say or ask anything more here as i just wanted to say hi, put my face up and tell a little of my history. I will spend the time posting/asking in the appropriate threads soon though. Thank you so much again everybody. There is no other place like this on the net.


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Hello Stu,

A warm welcome to BTG.

Like yourself I skipped around the site for quite a while before I found the courage to join.

Without it my journey of recovery would have been a much more dark and lonely place.

My SAH was in August 2010, I had clipping surgery, I also had hydrocephalus and needed lumber puncture.

I wish you well with your recovery.

Take care,

SarahLou Xx

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Hi Stuart and a warm welcome to BTG.

This site is certainly a great place to find when you've had the misfortune of suffering a sah - it suddenly makes you feel less lonely and realise others are experiencing similar things to yourself during recovery.

I wish you well in your own recovery,

best wishes,


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Hi Stuart

A very warm welcome to the site and the family. You will find a wealth of knowledge, experience and understanding on here. So glad that you found us - but very sorry that you had to.

You're early in your recovery and there may be a few hurdles that you come across, but rest assured that you will never be short of support or encouragement here. Take it easy and make sure you're drinking plenty of water at this time in your recovery. Listen to your body too, it'll tell you when you need to rest up.

Look forward to chatting more and learning more about your experience.

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Hi Stu,

I had SAH also and I have found this place.

I came around in 2010 after having shunt fitted, as I had hydrocephalus.

Click on went my lights and the first thing I done was sing to my nurse who was kind to me. xx

Onwards and upwards Stu. never give up as you will get your down days and mostly up days now.

Keep head up and shoulders back and be of good heart.

I wish you well and good luck, oh and welcome to BTG xx


WinB143 xx

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Hi Stu,

Welcome! I am new too - had my ruptured aneurysm and SAH on 9th October 2013. I also joined eventually after skipping around for a few weeks!

I am so glad to join and I know you will be too - this forum is a fantastic place to be and you will learn loads from all the others. We are very early in our recovery and there are lots of people who help us :-D

Look forward to hearing from you soon,

Alison x

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I'm new on here too! SAH on 10th November. No cause identified yet but have another scan on 6th Jan. I hope you are resting lots- I don't know about everyone else but I am struggling to wake up before mid day and I used to be a morning person- I'm very sleepy these days!

Take care


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Hello one and all!

Great to see so many people joining with new thoughts and ideas for the forums, it's what a site needs to keep it current. I had my SAH nearly a year ago now and don't come on as often as I used to, but still like to see what's going on. This site was and still is invaluable to me and helped me through some very difficult times.

Never be afraid to ask anything, even if it seems really stupid. I can assure you, someone would have felt the same at some point or another on their road to recovery too.

Get lots of rest and be kind to yourselves. It's a rough road along the way, but there will eventually be light at the end of the tunnel.

Sarahk x

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