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I am a new member to this group having suffered a SAH on 10 Jan 2014. I have just turned 38 and in good health.

It was 11.30pmon a Friday evening when my SAH occurred. I switched the light off to go to bed when I had a shooting pain go up the back of my neck and around to the front of my head. I had never experienced pain in my head and neck this bad before. I don’t suffer from migraines so thought this was maybe one. I also felt like I wanted to vomit but it hurt too much sending a shiver sensation down my spine when I tried to be sick. After an hour and a half I said to my partner that I needed to go to the hospital as something was wrong. I had thought of calling an ambulance but could not wait any longer as the pain was so bad.

The hospital staff were brilliant and I was lucky that when I arrive there was not a single person waiting in the emergency waiting room…very usual for 1.00am on a Friday evening / Saturday morning.

After a CT scan I was told I had bleeding on the brain – SAH. I was told that my bleed was a grade 1 (out of 5 grades) which was the best type of bleed to have. I spent 6 days in ICU and during this time I had a MRI and two angiograms. The doctors could not find an aneurysm. The Radiologist did tell me though that I did have a fairly high amount of blood with the bleed.

I stayed in hospital for 10 days (initially the doctors said 3 weeks). I took medication to prevent vasospasms every four hours (which I continued at home) for a period of 3 weeks.

I am still recovering at home (this week being the 8th week since it happened). I get tired and cannot do a lot but I have been lucky as I don’t get many headaches across my forehead but do have pain in my head on the top to the left and also at the back of my head. I find the pain occurs if I do too much during the day or have been walking. My main concern at the moment is my balance. I am only able to walk around for a short period of time because the whole time I feel like I am going to fall over. It is not a nice feeling and when I am out of the house and having to navigate around people and take in surrounding noise and activity I really struggle, so don’t like leaving the house.

I have a follow up CT scan on 7 March and seeing my neurosurgeon on 11 March.

Just wondering if others have experienced the balance issues. I imagine that they will get better but it is something that is going to take time.

I feel I was very very lucky that my SAH had not been worse and am grateful to the doctors and nurses at the hospital.

Best wishes


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Welcome simone I too had problems with balance it's only been 8wks for you so the blood has to absorb and you need time to recover.

Make sure you drink plenty of water during the day as getting dehydrated can make symptoms worse.

Look forward to chatting with you soon. Jess.xxx

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Hi Simone a very warm welcome to BTG :)

My balance was really bad in the early stages and I still have problems now on my bad days.

Rest up lots and drink plenty of water, it will help.

You will find lots of helpful information and support here.

Glad you found us :)

Good luck at your scan and follow up appointment, let us know how you get on.

Take care xx

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Hi and welcome. Glad you are doing ok. I was 39 when I had mine two years ago this Saturday!

Yes to the balance issues. No balance at all for quite a while then when I got back to walking even a short way it was with a stick and even then I staggered like I was drunk. I set little walking targets and when I was a little more well in myself I did some swimming to help build up my core strength again. I think it is where the bleed is that can affect the balance. Even now when I walk the dog I take a stick in case I stumble. Oh I wear sunglasses when I am out of the house as it really takes the edge off all the sensory stuff, maybe try that.

Even now if I am tired then my balance will go off kilter and it's not that uncommon that I end up flat on the floor. I can't wear heels at all. But for me it has got better but has taken time and patient with myself. Don't turn around quick, don't get up fast, just slow it down. The good news is I can do a little dance now with my kids and not fall over ( most times ) so there is progress always.

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Hi Simone

Warm welcome to the site, glad you found us.

I suffer from balance problems worse when I'm tied or stressed.

Rest plenty - listen to your body when it says its tired - keep re-hydrated...

take care

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Hello Simone,

Nice name, just like mine lol .

Seriously you will walk again, I have bad back ache after a few steps.

Considering I was told I'd never walk again well 60 yards is a blessing.

We will all get there (Win says rubbing her back).

Never give up and sounds like you haven't xx

Welcome to BTG and good luck


WinB143 xx

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Hi Simone,

Your story is very similar to mine. Mine was also non aneurysmal and could not find the source of the bleed. I had balance issues too. I walked with a cane for a month or so until I could stabilize myself. I had to sit in the shower and sit to dry my hair, etc... It may take a little while to get your coordination back. I still drop things all the time and today I am exhausted from what I did yesterday and I'm gong on 11 mos.

I am 47 and thought I was in excellent health. One never knows what is right around the corner.

Rest and let your body repair itself.


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