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Hi.has any body got any advice on how they got their licence back,

Im having a nightmare getting mine back,got told i couldn't drive for six months.

fair enough,done six months now.do i have to wait for dvla to say ok.or just drive.


tried to contact dvla but had no response,filled out relevant forms months ago.

any suggestions rob

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Hi Rob, I'm not as far down the path as you are as only had my SAH in December, but I got a letter at the end of Jan confirming they'd contacted my consultant for further information and he has 6 weeks to respond. I'd completed a form from somewhere earlier in Jan notifying them of my bleed. There is a contact number for the Drivers Medical Group at the DVLA on the letter which is 0300 790 6806 in case you don't have that.

Good luck! Mandy

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Hiya rob

I too had a bit of a mare re- applying for my license. It ended up taking another two months on top of the 11 I already had surrendered( reset my clock after second op to put in shunt!! ) .Very hards as its so key to getting some of that normality and independence back. There is a thread on here which I'll try and find and post.


Thing is unless they get the all clear from your consultant on medical clearance after the six months then they will wait, and wait , and wait...I ended Up having the luck to speak to my neuro nurse on a check up who kindly went out of his way and Agreed to put in the hands of my consultants registrar If the DVLA would send it to him direct and that finally sorted it for me but only cos he took pity on me but it is a farce and the process needs changing which is why I signed this petition which Headway are backing http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/74274


So sorry no real advice. Keep chasing u till you get that letter saying it's ok. You can't go ahead and drive is my understanding as until they reinstate your licence as you can't be insured so you are a bit in limbo.

Chin up, it will be back. Keep pushing hard and hope the recovery continues to go well.

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Even though my licence was never revoked it took them 5 months for them to give me the all clear. I did pester them a lot and it still took ages.

For me it was a case of getting the.Neuro and eye cons to write to my gp to say I was ok to drive and then getting her to write to the dvla. As far as I'm aware they never wrote directly to my Neuro.

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It is so confusing I received my letter from DVLA telling me they will be in touch with consultant they have not asked me to surrender licence but I am assuming I cannot drive without their agreement - it is frustrating as I have no vision or memory problems and so hate the lack of independence and being reliant on people. Returning to work will be impossible without my car and hate the thought it could take months!

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