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Hello, just an update on the post angio leg pain, it subsided after about three weeks just as mentioned earlier that it would. I know what to expect after my procedure "surgery" in four days. I am assuming they will use the same femoral artery for the coiling. Thank you and have a wonderful Sunday everyone!


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Debbie - Hello!  Gold Rush country I see....lol.  Lived in CA for years and have been through Oregon plenty of times.  You brought back good memories for me.  Don't mean to brush off your experience but had to get that over with so we can talk about your problems.


First of all I am so sorry this has happened to you!  I sit and cry when I see a new person reaching out for support after SAH or other types of these injuries.  Winb would tell me to knock off the crying and sing a few songs.  She's right.  I sing all the time and it helps me get over anxiety, etc.  Although I do give myself a headache as my singing is pretty bad...lol.  Thank goodness they found this early and before a rupture!  That alone seems like a miracle to me.


Mine ruptured in June last year and they found 3 more in approximately same area.  I had a 20% chance of surviving, was in a coma for 4 weeks and rehab 2-1/2 weeks but HERE I AM talking to a new friend on BTG.  So glad you found this site.  I've noticed more USA posts recently which means BTG is a great success as a support group.  


Leg pain - I have had 15-18 (lost count) angiograms.  12-14 while in coma and 3 since released from hospital.  Only once did I feel pain afterwards although I always expected the worst..lol.  Sounds like you have a good neurologist/neurosurgeon so try not to fret over that. It's better to do that test than to miss something in your head that needs more care.  I had a feeding tube in my stomach and I notice, all this time later, that when my cats step on that area, it really hurts!  But...they are our pets so I forgive them.  lol.  


Surgery - last angiogram I had we discovered a new ani that is popping up on top of the others.  Bummed me out but my surgeon has scheduled me for surgery just a few days after yours.  I have already been coiled, clipped etc etc but he has a new technique that sounds a lot like yours.  On the 21st I will have a stent (mine is called "pipeline" run up from leg to arteries in head that should re-route my blood flow around my bad area and keep the blood flow from hitting that spot.  He is very positive of outcome.  I trust him completely and hope you feel the same about your surgeon.  


Think very positive.  Sounds like faith is a good thing for you.  I won't preach to you as it feels like not the right place for that but pray, pray, pray.  You sound great to me and I believe you are going to be okay.  Remember that this type of injury requires rest and lots of water.  Very important.  

I am 61 by the way and, while in rehab, met quite a few people older than me.  Some are younger.  It just happens.  

Finally - I'm sorry for the rant but felt a bond with you the minute I read your post.  


Please keep posting and reading other posts.  It is a great comfort in many ways.  All of the above posts are very meaningful and comfort makers.  I, also, will be praying for you.  Once again, think positive.  that's the best advice I can give.  It's hard sometimes but you will be amazed how helpful it is.

Much love, Carolyn USA. 

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Afterwards Debbie you can join our singing group it's called the Cats Choir xx


Along with Carolyn, Momo, Karen (Yes you Karen) and Tina and all xx


We will sing these worries away, wont we  Carolyns cat?  oh cat just said  "Mee How"  omg another bad joke !! xx


Good luck Debbie and Carolyn on forthcoming  Singing ops xx you'll both be okay xx


Keep bright xxx Always when possible xxxxxxxx

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