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4 years and still improving


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I just had my anniversary of 4 years post SAH.  It was the first anniversary that I didn't 'note'.  One of my friends asked me how I was doing that day and it just hit me, 'Oh, I didn't even realize!'  I did think about it then for a bit and am pleased at my progress.  


I still have residual effects, but many are with my thinking.  I do injure my body easily...throw out my neck or back for no reason...but I haven't thrown out my hips in a long time.  I used to hurt myself just climbing stairs sometimes!

Now, things are more like,'what do I want to do with my life' or 'do I want a job' or 'what would I do, if I did want a job?'  'Do I really want to find something new to do?'  I still cry out of no where sometimes, but it only lasts for a couple of minutes instead of 45min.  I am socializing more, picked up art as a hobby, mediation, yoga for exercise, and volunteering at an inpatient rehab visiting stoke survivors.  


My life is different than it was before SAH, but I can honestly say that my mood is better than it ever was and if I had a do over, I'd still have the haemorrhage because it has given me a glimpse into many aspects of the inner workings of the brain and mind.  I appreciate the two and how they work together more than I ever did and I was a neurophysiologist before.  So, all of my experiences were documented in several ways and fascinated me and they still do.  Astonishment, wonder, and a surprise that I can handle so much with such grace.

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Hi Kris,


Congratulations on getting this far and on still improving!


I'm not at all sure about wanting to re-live the experience of a SAH but I understand where you are coming from in terms of the insight it has given you.


Given your previous occupation I can see how that would fascinate you.  Nevertheless, it still leaves you with decisions to make about how you spend the rest of your life.  Maybe you could think about how to turn one of your new interests into something you could make cash from.  


Could you become a lecturer in neurophysiology and relate it to the SAH experience?  Only thinking out loud!


Can you draw/paint?  Could you frame some of your own art and sell it?  Could you run yoga classes and charge your customers?


You would only have to do them when you felt like it, not necessarily as a full time job.


Whatever you decide, good luck and once again, congratulations!



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Hello Kris

Thankyou for all your posts today- appreciate your candidness

So pleasing to hear how positive you are after four years post SAH, and although you still have issues you are dealing with- well done for your attitude to the challenges.

It was four years for my wife last May and I can agree from the Carer's viewpoint- progress goes on and lifts your spirits.

Wishing you well in the months ahead


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Kris. Amazing. So pleased for you on so many fronts, the lessened crying, the increased satisfaction ( not the hurting oneself and note to self is that I often seem to pace slowly behind you notching up similar feelings so still progress to be found!)

I share your wonder about the brain and I'm not scientist like yourself but I marvel at the knowledge I feel I now have of how my brain works and what it needs. I blogged about this subject at work just this week actually when I speculated that the more we do cognitively the more breaks and spaces we need to put in our day but it's only post SAH when that is almost forced on me to be able to operate do I realise how much healthier it is.

I agree with Macca. I think you could offer so much in how you write and understand. There are blogs I follow which aren't a patch on some of the insights you offer here.

Keep popping your head in Kris, you bring us wise words. Be happy ! X

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Well Done Kris,


You have done so well.


As others have put,  but much more eloquently, I want to say to you  "Yeah WTG Kris"  you have come on leaps and bounds truly you have.


It's like you were meant to be here for a reason xxxx


Good luck Kris



Win xx xx

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Hey Kris,

Congrats on the 4 years of progress and the great attitude to go with it. Like Macca, I can't say I'd want to relive my SAH, but it has given me a new appreciation for many things and brought about some positive

changes. It is also a marvel to realize how finely tuned the brain is; how the ability to perform certain functions can be shuffled from one area to another in response to the assault. Simply amazing.

By the way, for those interested, the American actress Sharon Stone discusses the impacts of her SAH (she had it 2001) and the lengthy process of regaining function in this month's Harper's Bazaar. It is an uplifting interview.

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