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Jim still has pressure in his head almost all the time in the frontal lobe. He says it is not something that he cannot deal with but that it is always there. Just wondering if anyone else has this.

As always,




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Hi Cal

I still have pressure everyday, it is something I am aware of , but can cope with, but when I get tired or overdo things it gets quite bad. I am still in my early days, my SAH happened 3rd Dec 2007,so still taking pain killers as and when required and resting alot.

Wishing you well

Love Tinax

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Hey there

Yes I still get pressure in my head - almost like a vice like gripping sensation in the back - like most usually when I'm over tired or haven't kept my fluid in take up. The weather also affects me - we had thunder storms last weekend and the pressure was worse.

Sami xxx

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yes I get it too, it affects the right side of my head and my right ear. It doesn't really bother me. Because I've had sudden hearing loss in my right ear following the SAH I am on medication from the ENT consultant in case my inner ear isn't draining fluid away properly as my ear feels very full. But I think the feeling of pressure is different from that and is more in the area where I had the haemorrhage (above right ear).

Anne x

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