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Very sad news

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I've had an email from Nathans school today telling me that his teacher (29) passed away yesterday following surgery for a bleed on the brain. She passed away at Wessex neuro where I and quite a few of you were treated. 


School are telling the pupils this afternoon and they've been adviused to say it was a bleed in the brain. I've spoken to pastoral care and they're going to keep an eye out for Nathans reactions. They have counselling etc in place.


I'm hoping he won't link this to my op which was 6 years ago and on an unruptured anni. Desperate to pick him up and reassure him I'm ok. 


Please hug your family a little bit closer tonight, we truly are the lucky ones xx

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Such sad news Gill and such a young age. Does make you think especially as both you, I,  and many others on BTG were treated at Wessex. A lady I know was also treated there for a similar type of event though I don't thing it was a SAH. She is only 40 and pregnant but the bleed has left her with severe memory problems. I heard Sunday that she has to have surgery after the planned birth as if she has another bleed it will kill her. So sad as again she is so young.


Makes me glad to be here, I may moan about the fatigue but at least I am here.

Hope Nathan takes the news ok.


Clare xx

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Gill, what awful news, I hope Nathan takes the news in his stride and it doesn't bring back any memories.

It really brings it home as to how lucky we are.

It is a good job that we don't know what the future holds, that is why I take every minute, hour, day as it comes and enjoy it as much as I can. 

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Nathan is upset (tears as he came out) and has linked it to my op, but I've reassured him I am fixed and it won't happen again. He's had some chocolate (the cure for most ills) and asked to take flowers in tomorrow as school said they can.


To be frank, I think the school has handled it very well and said if anyone has any questions or needs to talk to someone they can. I've stressed to him that if he's worried or upset not to keep it to himself as school will understand.


Honestly, it's hit me more than him, as it brings back those awful memories of what he and Ian went through while I was ill.  There's also those thoughts of why did I survive and not her. 


I'm so grateful to see another Christmas I promise not to moan!



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Very sad news? Life can be so unfair, especially with someone so young. Truly makes you realise how lucky we are & that life is for living. I hope Nathan is okay, it sounds like the school are doing all they can xx

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My dear friend. 

I know that you're so saddened by this news, it's such a blunt reminder of how close we came.

As Jess says, it wasn't your time. 

This is a very tough lesson for all the children to learn. It sounds like the school are doing all they can.

Nathan has two very loving parents, you will guide him through with any questions he may have.


I'm here for you, 24-7


SarahLou Xx

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Nathan seems OK today but I know tears are close. He went to bed exhausted at 8pm and fell asleep quickly but by 9.30 he was up and upset. He spent an hour with Ian talking about his teacher and Minecraft and Pokémon. Today we're taking flowers to the front of the reception door, I know it'll be covered in flowers by then, there were already flowers there at 8.30am


I've told him its OK to be sad, most of the pupils were in tears last night. I've said if he's worried about anything to speak to pastoral care. I'm not sure how much of what he's feeling is about my surgery as he's not talking about it and I don't want to push him.


I'm so grateful the school have dealt with things so we'll so far. 


Thanks for your support, I really needed it x

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