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New to this group, however have looked at this fantastic site ages ago, well it seems like it!!

Now 6 months post SAH and craniotomy to clip the little ******.

Long journey but getting back to health and phasing back to work.


The only niggle I have now is the wait for my drivers license, just because I am shrinking not only in weight but in height with all the walking I do.

If you need a bus, I can tell you what number to get or distance from A to B even how many steps/ miles. 

For those who needed a craniotomy do you get head pain, not particularly a headache when tired?


Take care my new friends. 

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Hello and welcome to BTG


Good to know that the site was helpful to you some months ago.


If you type DVLA in the search box on the home page you will find much information on the DVLA and the return of your licence.


To summarise, If your consultant feels you are now ready to drive again, you can write to the DVLA with your consultant`s details. The DVLA will write to your consultant to request your consultant`s recommendation.  In the interim, keep contact with your consultant`s secretary to ensure that the DVLA request has been received and responded to. Keep chasing to get your licence back.


Wishing you continued good progress in your recovery






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Hi :) a very warm welcome to BTG.


I really hope you hear soon from the DVLA, it does take time. As Subs says above, keep chasing them. 


At 6 months after my craniotomy i still had head pain.  Especially if i bent down, it was awful.

As everything was mending and knitting back together, I felt very sharp twinging pains, also felt like something was crawling around my head, very strange sensations !

Things did improve over time, apart from down the right side of my face, eye and side of head, where i have nerve damage and metal plates. The cold weather really aggrivates.


Please feel free to join in the daily banter in the Green Room and also the Brain Games. We are a friendly bunch :).


Look forward to hearing more from you.


Take care




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Hi, so pleased that you found BTG so early in your recovery,As many on here will tell you, it is a lifesaver!


I also had my little ********clipped via craniotomy, 21months ago. I don't so much get headaches,but a 'heavy head' particularly when I'm tired or stressed.When I went for my first appointment with the neurologist, I mentioned that my head hurt when bending over or lifting something heavy. Answer?? Don't bend over or lift anything heavy! , Not the informed reply I was hoping for but good advice,if a little limiting?


Wishing you all the best with your phased return to work

Jan xx

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Hi Missy,


Listen to what the others have put and when you feel down come on here, it has helped me realise we are not alone in this.


With time we will get better so remember No Stress !!  and listen to what others have put and listen to your body/brain also .


Wishing you all the best


Win xxxx When stressed sing a happy song xxx

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