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1st year anni-versary - Oct 9


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It was our first anniversary on Oct 9th. I made a big batch of brownies for those that i could share with.


I pinged a message of thanks to all those came rushing to help us and to all those doctors and nurses that helped us through and through and are still doing it now. We told a prayer to all those that are going through it at the moment and wide variety of other problems.


A massive hug to everyone here as you all form my community - someone that understand exactly what we are going through and more, even before I could share.


In Sanskrit, we say - Loka samastha sukino bhavanthu - literally means - May everyone be happy.


Love, hugs and gratitude
Shobana & Sandeep.

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Hello Shobana and Sandeep


Well done to you both one year post SAH.

Your lives have taken such a turn since Sandeep`s SAH.... It`s  great that you are taking time to show your appreciation to all who have helped you both along the recovery journey..


We are glad that members of BTG were able to play a part in providing support and encouragement when you needed it most.


I also wish you well as Sandeep returns to hospital on Monday to prepare for his procedure. An anxious time but he will be in the  good hands  of very professional medics.


Take care and thanks again for sharing.




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