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My life assurance policy with Legal and General

Guest Matthew

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Guest Matthew

A little while ago I put a post on the 'introduce yourself' stem, saying that I had had a non-aneurysmal SAH in March 2007 and had made a pretty good recovery. I was advised that the probability of another SAH was as low as it was in the first place, and said at the time that Legal & General had chosen to ignore that and ramp up my life assurance premium by 45%.

As a result of this I was given a link to a research paper that effectively said that those who have suffered a non-aneurysmal SAH should not be discriminated against by life assurance companies. I printed it out and sent it to L&G for their comments.

And the result is as follows:

' I am pleased to tell you that I am arranging for the additional premium to be removed from your policies and a refund made of all additional premium paid since policy issue'.

Not bad eh? I am very, very pleased. You have saved me a pot of cash. Thank you very much.


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Hi Matthew,

Thats really good news, why should you be discriminated against.

I have had a similar problem regarding life assurance against my mortgage. I have an unruptured anuersym, which has been left to be monitored. I am going for my next scan in 2 weeks.

I cannot find anyone that will give me life assurance because of the fact that I have the anuerysm and it may or maynot rupture. Insrance companis have had letters from my consultant and my GP expalining the reason why it has ben left alone for the moment. But they will not budge and give me any insurance.

I find this really unfair, therefore have had to take out the mortgage without life cover. Luckily I have got some general life cover with Legal and I took out several years ago. If the worse happened hat would have to be used. Legal and General wouldn't give me any further cover.

So I am pleased that you have managed to resolve your problem and they have agreed to drop your premium.


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