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Eye problems after bleed

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Hello all! I had my NASAH a little over 6 months ago, and I’m doing well for the most part. I am back at work 4 days per week.  


I do have trouble with my memory, but I’m utilizing sticky notes, and reminders in my phone. 


My bleed Affected my vision heavily! It is better now. Waiting to see if I need new glasses. 


I was very busy last week with school activities, and I started having more pain behind my eyes, mostly my left one, which was more affected. Just wondering if anyone else has had lots of trouble with their eyes after bleed? The pain and pressure behind my eyes, had me scared that I might have another bleed😳 even though my doctor has said it’s highly unlikely that I will have another bleed. Sometimes I worry that they missed something, and that it may happen again, and maybe be worse😩


Anyone else feel that their bleed greatly affected their eyes? 

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Hi :)


Well done for getting back to work 4 days a week :thumbsup:


It could just be you have totally overdone things last week and your body/eyes are letting you know.

Hopefully you can take things a bit easier.


I had pain and problems after my bleed, mainly my right eye was affected. I had 5 nerve palsy, the whole right side of my face was paralysed. I also had nerve damage, which caused a lot of the pain around my eye, forehead and side of face.


Try not to worry, easy to say i know. If in doubt always go back to see your GP or Neuro.


Take care & let us know how you are doing.

Tina xx   

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My vision was definitely affected after my bleed, mu optician advised me to wait a good  6 months before making any changes. I subsequently did wait and my prescription was changed but not by much.


I wonder if as Tina says you may have just done a bit too much last week and your brain is protesting. Mine still does now, 4 years later, when it thinks I've not played fair. Take it easy and rest when you get the chance. I wasn't back to 4 days a week at your stage, possibly working up to that so don't push yourself too much.


Enjoy the Easter break and rest :) 


Clare xx


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Hello, and also a warm welcome to BTG.


Well done for achieving four days at work. Being involved in any schooling activities involving children would certainly be a challenge to your recovery, with so many different stresses, noises and demanding children affecting your work day. Six months on you will no doubt be aware that finding time to rest and recharge is vital as you build up your physical and mental strength and your brain adjusts to your bleed. 


As others have mentioned, eyesight is a very common after effect of brain trauma, and often time is needed to see how things settle down and give an indication of how it may be longer term.

You have come to the right place for help at BTG. Within these forums there is over ten years of personal input from our members, and eyesight issues is certainly well documented. The following link will give you access to 50 pages of information.




Wishing you well as you continue your recovery





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Thanks everyone! I figured I had over done my activities. I slept for 11 hrs that night!!!


i have been taking naps at every opportunity. I see my opthamologist in 1.5 weeks. 


Thanks, so much for all of your information and support! You guys have been so helpful! I have a coworker who just had a SAH due to a ruptured aneurysm, so she and I have been comparing notes. I have shared with her much of what I have learned from this wonderful group😘

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Looks like you're doing well? Doing too much too soon and your body gently let's you know.


I'm nearly at 9 years post. Having had numerous hills to climb, my eyesight was one of them.


My optician was aware and paid attention to the fact the pressure in my brain  did affect my vision.


Then I found out I had right side peripheral vision deficit. Secondly allegedly I have cataracts too.


I was checked by the eye Hospital in London a few years back. It was confirmed that I did have the deficit.


Due to numerous complications and medicine reviews, I had my anti seizure meds stopped for nearly 18 months.


My sight started to return to normal  I used to have to wear spectacles for day use and reading.


A month or so ago, I had the great news that my eyesight is 20/20 again! I only need standard reading glasses.


If you're on medication it may pay to ask your Pharmacist about side effects of combined drugs, sometimes there a conflict.


Problems with your eyesight is very common due to the fluctuating pressures in your brain.


Resting often can relieve this pressure and you may notice a difference in your vision.


Strange question do you use sunglasses? I find the yellow driving anti glare ones often help with bright lights, even in doors.


I also wear a baseball cap every time I go out to reflect the light and offer shade to my eyes.


Everyone is different, this is what I do and it helps me. I also use tinted coloured lighting indoors too, soft pinks work for me.

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I don't have pain, but my vision was greatly affected. I need trifocals now and for some time had left sided neglect...my vision was ok, but my brain wasn't recognizing things on the left peripheral. I went through 4-5 months of intense vision therapy. It was harder than occupational, speech and physical therapy combined! It helped a lot though and I'm finally back to driving, although it took 3 years! 

God bless!


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