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Morale Booster !

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Today I had a real morale booster :) An old friend and one who was there for both my partner and me when I had the SAH, came to see us and her first words to me were 'Wow you look so much better and really alert' Simple for her to say but what a lot it meant for me :) If you have had a morale boosting moment do tell us , I bet it will 'lift' us all :!:

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Hi Perry :D

That lifted my spirits just reading what you posted....how lovely for you...i can really appreciate how good it made you feel! :D

Mine was when i could smile again...sounds silly....but the right side of my face was paralysed...eye shut and could not smile......i did my exercises everyday....and at about 6 months.....one morning :D Kissed my hubby goodbye and smiled........and he said....go look in the mirror.....you can smile again :D:D Being a smiley person.....was a morale boosting moment for me!

Take care love Tina xx

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Hi Perry

My biggest morale boosting moment was about six weeks after my SAH I had also suffered a third nerve palsy that had completely closed my left lid. Imagine my joy when my lid started to open on Christmas day of all days. Took a bit longer to regain proper focus in that eye but was seen as a miracle by me and all the family.

Janet x

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when someone says that about lin and there have been a few times someone who hasnt seen lin for a long time have said something not only boosts me up so much but gives me faith that i havent imagined it yes it does boost me up no end and when the surgeon told me lin deserves the chance that really did burst the dam with me

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I have a couple of morale boosts

1/ you guys, this is a big morale boost for me.

2/ Sami - everytime I speak to her she tells how fab I am doing ( none of my family and friends do ) and she makes me laugh and feel normal and she always tells me this when I seem to be putting myself down, I think she is a mind reader x x x x x x x THANKYOU SAMI

3/ When I achieve something that I thought I was affraid of doing x x x

love donna


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Hey there

A morale booster for me - what Donna has just posted :lol: You are doing fabulously hun - told you - just check your phone bill - my numbers not there as much now :lol: Always here for you and anyone else who needs me :wink:

Love Sami xxx

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