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Sudden deep depression

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Hi folks! 


I was wondering if anyone had issues with significant depression? I'm 5 years out and have always been extremely optimistic, actually helping to keep my family and their moods above water. I've been the driving force. 


Well, a few days ago this kind of deep, all-encompassing depression seems to have taken over me.

I know that brain injury can cause depression and depression can develop due to the effects of the injury. I'm thinking this is both. But it's like I'm being dragged down and can't get myself back up. 


I'm usually a very optimistic person, despite the fact that a huge right frontal lobe injury often has my emotions on a rollercoaster and I can get quite angry in seconds over the smallest things. But this just seems too overwhelming for me to do anything right now. 


I'd appreciate any advice or similar situations if you have them.

Thanks and God bless you!



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Hi Mandie,


Depression is a common factor after SAH especially if you were fit and well beforehand.  The first question asked by many is "Why me?"


Well, why not you?  The answer is, brutal though it sounds, that it's irrelevant. It has happened and you can't turn the clock back.  So a better question is "How can I recover and control my life going forward?"  That's not to say you won't think about it, and I don't mean to sound hurtful, but better to dwell on what you can do than on something you can't no matter how much you might wish to.


Yes, you've had a setback and it's very difficult in some circumstances to get going forwards again and carry with you some momentum.  But far better to focus your mind and energy on that than searching for answers to a question no-one can definitively answer.  


In a sense, in my opinion, depression is akin to a bereavement - for the past you - and it takes some time to get over it.  You may have some brighter spells and then relapse again. It may happen several times but eventually you come out of it to some degree and move on with your life.


I suffered at the beginning, I can't deny it, but then I took a conscious decision to try and fight it.  I think the things that got me through it were to ensure I kept talking about it and didn't bottle it up and let my mind run away with itself with vivid imagination, that nearly always makes it appear ten times worse.  Also, I kept myself occupied as much as I could so I couldn't dwell on the depression or let it grab me.


It isn't easy, and there are times when even this is not enough, but it at least minimises it whilst your brain is recovering.


I hope there are some things in this that may help you, but I think the main thing for you to have is a confidante with whom you can share your issues.


Also if it gets bad, then go and see your doctor and/or try to find some counselling.  I am sure others will reply to you in due course.


Doing nothing and hoping it will go away on its own is not an option. Be positive and proactive and do something before the tide of depression overwhelms you like the sea overruns the beach.  Mood tends to go in cycles, I find and that tide will ebb and flow.  Everyone needs help from time to time, after all that is why this group exists.  Don't be afraid to ask for it, its your health and we all want to see you well and happy.


Good luck.



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Mandie, I think that Macca has summed it up .... Along with the talking therapy, never worry about taking the chemical route .... I struggled for years and the first anti depressant didn't work for me ... I spent quite a few years after that, just suffering with bad anxiety and I was put onto an anti anxiety drug and it took it little while to get used to, but boy, it's truly helped my wonky brain! 


The menopause symptoms didn't help either, as they kind of mimic the fallout from the SAH ... Go and have a chat with your GP and don't do like I did....sit and suffer for years. There's no wonder cure, but if the first port of call doesn't work, keep going back to your GP until you find something that suits you. xx

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I should have added that seeking help is not a sign of weakness as some seem to think. It is a sign of strength, that you have identified a problem and are seeking to do something about it.


Karen is right, go and make that visit to your GP.

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The first thing I did when depression hit was seek help.  My GP referred me to a therapist and gave me the option of anti-deps.  I didn't want to mask the feelings, I wanted to address them.  Seeing a therapist was the best thing I ever did.  it helped me come to terms with a lot and nor just the aftermath of SAH.


I also had a friend, who someone recently beautifully referred to as my "Living Angel", who sat me down and gave me a brutal pep talk after having suffered from depression himself.  He basically told me that i was strong enough, stubborn enough and determined enough not to be depressed and only I could stop it.  In a way he was right and from that moment I was determined, stubborn and strong enough not to let this overtake my every waking moment.  Ironically enough, this same angel passed away from a non-aneurysmic brain hem in August.  


You've done the hardest part - surviving - it is not weak to ask for help - that's why we're all members of BTG too.

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I did an epp course type into internet 'expert patients programme' it is for people with all manner of things pain anxiety depression but it is really helpful and it really helped me xxx


You have to answer a few questions but it is easy enough to do xxx

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Hi Mandie


I too have suffered with some depression...about 2 years out...I am 2 years 8 months out at this point and feeling better (not perfect but better) after finding a therapist....It made a big difference for me..As Skippy said you have done the hardest part surviving...


Just as you would call the doctor for any ailment...pick up the phone and do it...it was hard for me to admit it as I was in deep into a fighting to keep myself above water but ...  I needed to ...  I wish you well..




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