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TIA (Transient Ischaemic Attack)


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Hi Keith,

Just read your TIA posting, how scary and how very british we are, we know what's happening, we don't want any fuss, just the way we are i suppose. I was just the same last week stiff neck banging head legs and arms heavy and what do i do sit, wait and say I'm fine. i have more tablets to take and no answers but a bit better.

Keith I hope you are resting and doing as you are told :wink: take care, sending love and hugs.


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Keith, poor you! Very Scary and yes we should take heed but rarely do, after all as Michelle says we're British and I bet as others from the US, NZ and Aus will tell us ( sorry if I left a country out :?: ) they do it too, I think it's because we're human. But take care ,your body has spoken......at least do as it,( and probably your wife) tells you :wink: Thinking of you, be as good as you can, but not one bit better than you have to be :)

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