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3 years...


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I am a day early with this post, due to work.  

April 25, 2017 was the day that I had my SAH...it was something I never saw coming...It was a small SAH as I read my medical records but it felt like someone hit me with a bat in the head.  I spend 3 days at Mass General in Boston...I was in good shape when I was discharged, some pain in head but nothing else.

Moving on to  the morning of April 29th....In the shower, home alone I had a severe vasospasm...noticed hands losing sensation and feet also, I was able to call emergency (put on some clothes :) I don't remember anything till later that evening, when I was told I was in ICU, at Mass General. For 4 days I drifted in and out.


So a week in intensive care, intraarterially delivered verapamil...tests...on and on..I was off to rehab as I couldn't sit up and balance was all off...Rehab was very helpful, although my ability to do things like use my cell phone, math anything that required multiple steps was a challenge, that would stay with me to some degree.


Whew...so today...I am happy to be able to write this...so very happy...I am back to my job although have cut hours.  I still do struggle with things that take multiple steps but notes help me and if it is something I do over and over, I get it...My sitting issue is long gone and my balance is pretty good left more with a feeling of being on a boat...hence the screen name Swishy :)


What I will  add is this...at year one I was still living this everyday, like a backpack that went everywhere with me, a heavy backpack....At year two, I was disappointed the backpack was still there, not as heavy but with me none the less.....As I write this 3 years out I have made huge progress this year in leaving that backpack home.   I am so much better, mentally at year 3. It makes me realize recovery continues.  


I am not young 64 at my SAH, so now 67 but yet I am moving forward.  This site has been therapy for me, thank everyone of you for your answers and enlightenment.  

xx Jean



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Congratulations on the 3 year anniversary, as someone about 6 months behind your recovery it is definitely heartening to hear that there is still more improvement possible.

Take care in these testing times 

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Jean thankyou for sharing and well done three years on.


Also we appreciate your comments on BTG and so glad you have found the site to be supportive in your journey post SAH.


Take care and great to know you are still enjoying your reduced work hours.





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Congratulations on your 3 year Anni- versary Jean, you have come so far and achieved so much, it's lovely to hear that you are still noticing improvements as you travel on your recovery journey, keep on keeping on lovely lady.


Michelle xx 

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