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Pam tells her story - well, the first bit --- Soke3

Guest soke3

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Guest soke3

Hello all!

When I had my aneurism and SAH I knew nothing about it. It was in November 2002 and they eventually coiled it successfully. My first memory after sitting on the stairs crying with pain is some weeks later when I came out of hospital.

I had a 5 minute memory in those days so things still passed me by. But I do remember googling for aneurism and SAH but there were no helpful sites like this. I eventually used the newsgroup uk.people.silversurfers to report my repairs so the people there who had supported me so well could know how I was getting on and anyone who googled the newsgroups for "aneurism repair" could find my posts and see what I was going through. They're still there if anyone is interested.

I'm still not 100% but am slowly but surely getting more normal.

I have a long way to go to catch up with reading this site and intend to read everything here.

Thanks to the powers that be for at last bringing the effects of SAH into the open and allowing us sufferers to find out if we are going along the right road.

Since this is my first message here I have no idea if I am doing things right or not. I know I have managed to miss a "t" out of my stoke3 but who cares, I can live with that!

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Hello Pam and a warm btg welcome :) Like the others I too am pleased that you found us, and hope that you manage to fulfil your desire to 'read everything' best of luck :wink: I don't think I have even yet and I've been here since......'erm?..........about July -ish last year, I think maybe it's more :oops: there goes my memory again :!: But welcome anyway :)

Edit: I see it was May last year :oops:

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Guest ElaineW

Hi Pam (another lucky one) and a welcome from me (a carer). Mum had her's one year ago. It's just a lifechanging experience. This site has been a blessing for me - its a listening ear whenever you need it. I am sure you will find it the same for you.

Elaine & Maggie

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