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Just out of hospital - small SAH

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Hi, and thanks in advance for any thoughts. i suffered a very minor SAH a little over 2 weeks ago, after I was very stressed working towards my masters degree, and right after I hung up the phone with my father who had to go to the hospital and was being difficult and I was worried.


I went to the hospital after that sudden, awful headache and pain in my neck. They saw a small bleed but after angiogram, MRI, CT scan, and 10 days in the hospital no aneurysm, source and it showed that it had "resolved." The ICU stay was traumatic and scary, waiting for a potential vasospasm which never came. I'm in NJ and the hospital was amazing and drs were amazing. They said it was one of the smallest they've seen.


I never lost consciousness, just had a very bad headache and neck ache. I feel overwhelmed coming home, very sensitive to noise, and a bit tired because of the seizure medicines i think. I am scared and wonder if anyones symptoms completely subside? I'm scared. thank you.

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This sounds quite like me other than mine was caused by an aneurysm that was coiled. But I too didn't lose consciousness and it was a fairly small bleed which had me in hospital for about 10 days. Best advice - take it easy on yourself. Think of this as like having a broken leg, healing will take a while - any blood on the brain causes some level of damage. In my case, I'm 5 1/2 years post bleed but fairly close to where I was before it. Though stress and tiredness impact me much quicker than they used to. I'm back working full time ( I know I've been very lucky!). I also have the benefit of working with a team who were with me through the bleed so have some level of understanding of the recovery process.


For me I had 3 months off completely then 1 month back 3 days a week and a further month back 4 days a week. By then I'd so much leave to take that I had another couple of months with one day off a week. I'm sure others will say more but the two things I've repeated many times: Firstly, drink lots of water and secondly have a half-hour lie down every evening (not necessarily to sleep but more to turn off the outside noises etc and give your brain a rest). I did this every day for at least a year and when I have stressful days, I still do this. In answer to your question, yes it took me a couple of months to get over the noise sensitivity and around 6 months before the daily headaches were gone.


Remember you're brain is recovering from an injury so doing "normal" stuff is like it trying to do it but with less than 100% capacity - your brain gets tired quicker....and when it does it can overwhelm you very quickly (my hubby says I turn into a toddler having a tantrum and I get sent to bed!).


Manage your stress and manage your tiredness, but also don't expect that this will be suddenly over in days (this is like a broken leg, not a sprained ankle). Whether you get back to 100% or adapt to something different, it's a journey. But please don't be hard on yourself, continue to come and talk with us! Always remember, you may not have outward scars to prove it, but this is a major event that you've been through.

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Hello Deborah and a warm welcome to BTG.

So glad you were able to find the site so soon after you SAH.


While we don't give medical advice you will receive much support from our members who have 'been there's and all have their individual experiences to tell.

Reading their recovery journeys in the forums will give you much reassurance for your own recovery. 


All brain bleeds are quite unique and it is only in the weeks and months after that you discover the challenges you have to face.

Some physical and some emotional.


Andrea has explained so well the importance of accepting that patience and time  are essential to let your brain heal.


Wishing you well as you begin your journey. Share your feelings with your family and close friends so they can understand that while you look ok, your brain  has undergone trauma and needs to heal.


Hope your  father is okay





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Hi there


warm welcome to the site, so glad that you found us.


take things slow and easy and know your not alone.  wishing you well, my only advice as being down this road long time now, take it easy, when you feel tired dont fight it, keep yourself well hydrated...


take care, stay-safe.

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Hi Deborah,

Welcome to BTG...Happy you were able to locate this site, took me a bit..

Like you I had a small bleed, no aneurysm found but I did end up with a severe vasospasm... I am happy you didn't have that as well...

The mental shock of having a brain bleed...basically, I keep thinking I have bleeding in my brain took me time to absorb , I felt like I really couldn't believe it.   It all took me time to wrap my head around that it had happened and then more time to realize I needed to be patient and let this heal...


Coming home and trying to get back to normal feels so strange...again...time helps..

I was very good after the bleed, I had gone home in 3 days from the hospital...I believe I would have been back to my normal...The vasospasm left me with some issues, but I did go back to work.  I have retired now...


As Weedrea wrote, this is a major event.  Be gentle and kind to yourself as you heal.  Thoughts are with you...

xx Jean

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Hi Deborah


Happy New Year!  Can’t say I’ll be sad to see 2020 gone.  Like you, I also had a small bleed, actually 2 small bleeds and no aneurysm.   I didn’t pass out, don’t remember having the thunderclap headache but I did have vasospasms afterwards.  I live in BC Canada, and my stay in the hospital was 28 days.  The meds I was on for 21 days was to stop any seizures from happening.  During 25 of those days I was in a « quiet room ». Absolutely no stimuli.


i wasn’t allowed to get out of bed for the first two weeks ( that was pleasant!). My experience sounds worse than it was.  During my hospital stay, I didn’t have any discomfort, just mild headache.  I was lucky.  My struggle came once I got home and realized the severity of what had happened, then the anxiety kicked in.


Deborah, the panic is real and I can venture to say that we have all experienced it.  I’m 4 years out, and my anxiety can run wild, especially if I’m overtired.  I am more sensitive to noise and lights and I do tire more  quickly than I used to.  I’m a preschool teacher supporting children w disabilities.  My return to work was done very slowly.  Eventually I decided to modify my work environment, as the classroom was too loud and too bright.   I am working, and I am healthy, my life is pretty much back to normal, I am grateful💜


This group is a Godsend.  It really helped me put things in perspective.  I know you will come to love it as I do.  Like everyone before me said, it’s a slow recovery.  Don’t be too hard on yourself and listen to your body because it will tell you when enough is enough.  


Be safe and stay healthy💜


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2 hours ago, Patc said:

I’m 4 years out, and my anxiety can run wild, especially if I’m overtired.  I am more sensitive to noise and lights and I do tire more  quickly than I used to.  I’m a preschool teacher supporting children w disabilities.  My return to work was done very slowly.  

Very sound advice. I think it's a very good point to stress that it doesn't matter how small the bleed is, there is always some residual impact - whether it's physical, emotional or both. I'd love to say everything was back to where I was before my bleed but, amongst other things, my perspective on life has changed and for me I've balanced how I live and manage stress etc. (i.e. no more 30+ flights a year!). 


PS Pat - I've maybe said this before but I grew up desperate to go to BC. My gran's brother emigrated out there and we got sent "Beautiful British Columbia" magazine every quarter. It's the place I've wanted to visit most! Totally inspired me. I think I still have some distant family in BC.

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