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Andi New to This Site


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Hello My Name is Andi Im from Hampshire, and Im a Gardener on an English Estate, I had a TIA on the 19th August 2009, It had been a Busy day at work with one thing and another, 6pm came and I thought I would go and Have a shave, I felt a strange feeling on my tongue like I had pins and needles on it, then my Lips started to tingle then my left Arm felt Heavy so i used my right arm to finish Shaving, I clambered into A bath an started to feel rough, with that my leg gave out, I asked my Wfe to phone NSH direct, she said what had happened they told her to get me straight to Hospital, Flipping Hek i thought just what i didnt want, still thinking that it was from somthing that had bitten me during the day at work. Got to A+E and they took me straight through to a Bed where i was wired up to everything, Anyway to cut a very long winded Story short, I had a CT scan and it reveald that i had, had a TIA (I had no idea what this was) I felt fine so why were they so concerned? I thought, By Now it was 11pm and I was back to normal (well as normal as I can be) Felt fine and wanted to go Home. No said the Drs and Nurses youve had a Stroke, Huh? a Stroke? But the Drs said earlier somthing about a TIA, I was getting Confussed. (it dont take alot either)

Anyway after a nights stay in a ward full of people with Alsorts of things wrong with them i was then moved down to a Ward for People that have had Strokes, where I met the Consultant Avril Macdonald who was like a Angel, She explained things so easy to me i now understood what had Happened,

I then was told i had to have Scan on neck think it was called a Doppler Scan, that came out well as the Nurse told me I had Arteries of a 20yr old and all looked good, (im 40) seeming i used to Smoke 30 a day.

Anyway I was out of Hospital on that Thursday Night the 20th of August with a load of Pills. I took the rest of week off then Started Back on Monday feeling "A" ok.

Now Almost 7weeks on Im feeling alot better, or by having a couple of set backs, But thanks to another Angel, Holly, I am back on track, (I must add Orange Juice and Drugs Dont work for me.)

I know this was nothing in Comparason to what most of you have had on here, But I find talking about this really helps me, I feel Kinda Stupid when my emotions seem to take over.

Drugs Im on are 75mg Aspirin

40mg Simvastatin

200mg Persantin Which Are Awful to take, and now I take em with Yogurt, Makes em easier to Swallow.

The Hospital I was In was Winchester, I would Just like to say a speacial thanks to all the Nurses That took care of me.

A thank you to Keith B as well for allowing me on this site

And a Big Hug to Holly (Brenda) for all the Help x

Regards to you all


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Hi Andi i'm a carer to my wife Sah march this year 2 annis one coiled one clipped then a shunt fitted I've had lots of questions to ask and talking always make me feel better to so talk away, anyway you've come to the right place for that this site and the people on it have put my mind at ease on several occasions so i'm sure if you want to talk or have a question to ask there will always be someone here to help you, Good luck Rod

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Hi Andi and welcome!

The emotional side and coming to terms with what's happened are as bad, or if not worse, than the physical side....

It takes quite a while to feel confident again after your body has let you down .... but it does happen, over a period of time.

Hope that you find the website useful. xx

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I was the same for a long time, with the twitches and shakes ..... I had a few seizures during and after the SAH/stroke and it worried me for probably nearly two years after the event, as to whether or not the twitches were the start of another seizure! Every sharp pain in my head, I thought was going to end up in another brain haemorrhage! ....

So I can understand where you're coming from and it doesn't help your level of anxiety ..... think that my anxiety was in overload for those first couple of years!

It truly does get better with time though and you will start to trust your body a bit more. Think that we're all hyper sensitive to any "weird pain or feelings" that we have in the early months. x

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Hi Andi,

Give it time and lots of patience .... the anxiety will start to get better....

By the way, you can add your own "Signature/picture" in the User CP at the top of the screen.... go to "Edit Signature" .... if you want to have a play around.....:wink:

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Hi Andi,

Click on the "User CP" tab at the top of the screen.....

You will then see at the top of the left hand side, "Your Control Panel"

Scroll down this menu and find "Settings and Options" ..... Click on "Edit


You can then add your signature and/or a picture.

You can preview this, before you save it ...... you can play about with it and it won't do any harm ..... so feel free .....

If you need any extra help and need to contact Admin, go to "Home" at the top of the screen and then click on "Contact Us" at the left hand side of the site navigation and send your message to us via email.

Hope that this helps.... x

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Hi Andi

Welcome to this fantastic group. You will make loads of friends and get loads of support and advice if you want/need it.

Anxiety is the worst, I was off for 5 months after my SAH and was scared to go out of the house on my own. When hubby Simon was with me I was ok but if I had to go out on my own it was to my mums (200yds away!) and then i'd send her to the shop etc!

It does get better though, stay positive. BTW if you want a garden to look after, you can have mine I hate gardening!

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Hey Andy

Welcome to the site and to the family - this is the best place for support, advice, sympathy and friendship.

Can fully understand the anxiety thing - I'm 3 years in from an SAH but the first six months or so I was a complete wreck and was far too scared to be left alone - it does get better with time and healing but in the meantime we're all here for you.

Hope to speak some more soon, take care

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H Andy,

Welcome to this wonderful site. :)

I had my SAH in June this year. I am progressing well but I do suffer from anxiety/panic attacks. I even wake in the night feeling very anxious and I'm not even sure why I am feeling like that. I have tried to take a positive view and try to ignore any twinges or pain that I may be feeling and try and relax my way through them.

I have quickly learnt that it will be a long road to recovery and have accepted it. That has made it a lot easier for me.

As an aside, my 19 year old son is doing an apprenticeship in horticulture. He is in his 2nd year. He just loves gardening. Loves the hard work.

All the best


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Andi, I too will bid you welcome:-D Not a place (BTG) one would choose under normal circumstances, but after TIA's SAH etc etc it is the very place to be. We do so understand, I'm going to adopt you I think, only because I need a gardener;-) I have a pretty big one which got very out of control, until I started to recover:roll: It is coming back into shape, but as yet I can't quite manage the length of time in the garden that I really need, but at least I'm able to make a start, which is good. Look forward to hearing more, lots of Hampshire folk on here, even I am ex Hampshire( just outside Petersfield)but a long way from there now! Welcome aboard:-D

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