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  1. Hi there, welcome. Go straight to A&E as Macca has said your describing the classic symptom. so please go to A&E don't wait. lets us know how you get on..
  2. Hi there and warm welcome to the site, as ever Macca explains it, ditto your not alone we've all been there, we all 'get-it' type-o's and all...
  3. Hi there welcome if your anxious see your GP, I had tremors and they did ease only when I'm stressed now are they obvious.
  4. Oh Jan sorry to hear your feeling like this honey. get an appointment with the GP and see if they can help.. Go on pick up the phone and get an appt. I'm with you 100% on No family support I don't have brothers or sisters just Ronnie...in the last 17yrs we have just muddled our way through but I wouldn't wish that on anyone Jan.... You haven't moaned I'm thinking maybe invite them all your family that concern you I wouldn't go so far as a meal or anything (I'm thinking they don't deserve that - or is that my family I'm thinking about) Anyway invite them give them a drink they'll need it - lock the doors if you have to, to keep there attention, type up what you want to say and tell them let me speak first then I'll answer all questions and explain how you feel - how the SAH has left you how the SAH runs your life at times and what you want.. Direct them to this site... Don't know if that's of any help Jan that's what I wished I'd done years back... hugs.xx
  5. I've just been reading that Prince Harry is to launch Headways new brain injury Identity card, it will help the police identify brain injury survivors and ensure they are given appropriate support when they come into contact with the criminal justice system.
  6. Hi there warm welcome to the site, glad you found us. congrats on the birth of your son but sorry to learn what followed, I have heard of that happening before infact a girl that was in rehab with me lets just say your very lucky.... enjoy life. take care
  7. Hi there And warm welcome glad that you found us, and the site is being helpful to you.
  8. I'd like to ditto the replies too... it is I think far better going though it, than being the one watching on....I know you feel your not doing enough but I think you are doing fine cut yourself some slack... I owe everything to my husband Ronnie, but I know that you have to make time for YOURSELF too. take care
  9. Hi there warm welcome glad you found the site. You'll find that its ups and downs but things are moving in the right direction. I was in rehab and although I didn't understand it at the time it really helped. take care...
  10. Hi Riorita warm welcome to the site so glad you found us ofcourse your welcome.... hope to hear more from you, I had right side weakness and had to see a speech theaipist when in the rehab hospital take a lot of hard work but without our 'carers' where would we be! Please try and find time for yourself though...
  11. It is a terrible way to be spoken to but note they're not all like that... and yes making a complaint it may make someone else that's far less able to cope than you did - help them..
  12. I suffer with producing more ear wax now so yes get it checked out just to put your mind at ease...
  13. Andrea your definatly not alone in this 'we've all been in similar situation' at somepoint anyway... We are all different and have been affected diffently so what works or helps for one may not for everyone 'we're all different' But please if your feeling so down go see your GP explain how you feel to them and maybe ask about councelling speaking to a professional who has experience it this really can (and does) help.
  14. Apologies here too sorry its late... Michelle you should be proud honey apart from the SAH lift flings some curve balls at us you get on with it.. I have been greatful for your comments on my Aunt & Uncle stuff... take care.
  15. Hey Kay Try not to worry about the overnight stay I think that's just a general thing they put just to freak us out. I will cross everything for you it'll be fine I've had quite a few...