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Hi Merrill has an angio on friday she's not too bothered by it, but i must tell you that me for one will be glad when it's over , i know many people say don't worry but in reality you do don't you, in her notes they say that afterwards if time, or soon after discharge we will meet with the consultant to discuss any further treatment that may be nessesary, and i think thats the bit that bothers me, we really have had our fill of hospitals this year, so roll on saturday

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Hi all took Merrill to Cambridge for her angio yesterday got there at 9 Got home at just after 10.oclock last night a very long day we did'nt get to see any one till 4 oclock yesterday Merrill said when the radiologist looked at there screens they said everything looked fine,she was in and out in 45 mins which was faster than i had been led to believe she would be, Merrill also said a few thing which did'nt make sense so i hope she got the bit about everything looking ok right, the old confabulation has kicked in again just latley, I asked to speak to a consultant before we came home but was told no one was available and we would get a letter in the post to arrange an appiontment for about 4-6 weeks time to discuss the results so fingers crossed.

But all in all i think things went well . Thanks everyone for the good wishes I'm sure as time goes on Merrill will get on here herself, it will be nice to meet some of you at the christmas function in december Thanks again Rod

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Hi Rod,

My blood pressure was on the low side, after the angiogram, so they wouldn't release me until it had stabilised. I can't remember being told anything after the angio, but received a letter in the post, to say that my coiling was satisfactory and that I would be reviewed again, in 2010.

Looking forward to meeting you and Merrill in December ..... it certainly won't be long now, as time really does seem to be flying by.....x

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