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Echocardiogram Date through


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Hi Got my Date through for having my heart test, think it were called a Saline Bubble Echocardiogram. Its Due on the 4th of Novemer, there going to inject me with Salt Water Bubble then take some pictures like they do when your (not me) Pregnant. Has anyone else had one of these things done?

Im Seeing my Consultant this week on Wednesday, she is very nice her name is Avril Mcdonald, Shes cool, and have also got to to see Dr about Wieght... Hope Ive lost some clothes feel looser so somethings moving LOL.

Has anyone else had one of these Bubbles etc Done? Do it Hurt? I take it that its best to have it done?

I would be greatful for any info from people who have had one of these thing, I know Im Stupid but I do get quite worried and it stress's me out. you have all been through so much and i do worry that im pestering somtimes about things.

Anyways thanks to you all


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Hi Andi,

You never pester! ..... hope that somebody can help you out with your questions... all I can do, is wish you well and hope that all goes well for you on the 4th November and that you get some peace of mind....

The worry and stress is something that I can relate to, but it honestly does all get better with time ..... must admit, that in the early months and years, I never thought or believed that it would.....:wink:

Look after yourself and if the anxiety is a problem, then mention it to your GP, they might be able to help you, don't ever feel daft for mentioning it, as I think that the mental stress is half the battle, if not more .....xx

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