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Introducing myself - Aakki


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Hi to everyone,

I found this great webpages, when desperately seeking for information about the SAH without the aneurysm or without any other detectable reason. These pages have been a huge support for me, beside the great support from my beloved ones.

I had my NASAH ( nonaneurysmal sah) jus two weeks ago on Saturday evening 07.02.2010. Only thing I had was a terrible , sudden headache and a bit sore neck.

They couldnt find any reason for my SAH, not in CT, angioCT neither MRI. I was not operated and I stayed 6 days in hospital resting in bed , without need for any medication. Dr. prescribed me 1 month out of my work-studies, I should return back 08.03.2010.

I am 42 yrs old woman with healthy lifehabits ( at least I thought so) and happy, loving relationships . Previously healthy, regardless mild subclinical hypothyreoidism. Yes, admitting to have somekind of stress from the work/studies due to the few reasons: beacause of my own nature, who wants to do everything always so 101%( instead of 90%) and cant give up easily. But to be honest also, because unsatisfaction about the quality and the quidance of the specialising studies .

It has really been a life stopping scary experience. I cant say how thankful Im to be alive. I would like to hear from you who have experienced the same, how have you copy with this schoking experience? Has anyone of you get a new SAH afterwards ? Have you been previously healthy and perharps under a demanding tasks and stress?

When have you been able to comeback to the normal life: doing sports and the other things which make youre hearbeat faster ?:roll:

Its -15 degrees and lots of snow up here in North. I wish everyone of you nice sunny, winterdays ,where ever you are. Nice to know, that im not alone.

Best wishes


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Hi Aakki

Welcome to the site and I'm sure it will help to provide some of the reassurance you are looking for. There is a forum especially for those members who have had Non-Anuerysmal bleeds which you should find helpful.

The first few months can be really hard even though you sound as though your recovery is going really well the anxiety can be hard to deal with and I think most of us worried a lot about it happening again, it will get easier with time. Just remember that you still need to get as much rest as you can. Look forward to hearing more from you soon.

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Welcome Aakki, I'm sure that you will find much info and support on this site:) I am one of the luckier ones at least I had an anuerysm and so did know the reason for the headache and passing out! There are others on here who will I'm sure be able to answer your questions. I can at least think about you and hope that your recovery goes well:)

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Welcome Aakki, sorry cant help on info about SAH without the aneurysm but what I can quote are the words of my doctor when i ask about the likelyhood of having a repeat of the aneurysm

Unlikely, form now on you will be controlled on the other hand there are thousands of people out the with one and they dont know¡¡¡

Wish you the best in your recovery but dont run too much¡¡¡ take it easy for a while as you know time heals it all

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Hello Tina, Vivien, Keith B, Janet, Perry and Louisa

Thank you so much for you replys, it really made me notice Im not the only one and Im not alone and it gave me strength to believe in better tomorrow.

I also posted my thread to non-aneurysmal sah forum and I would be so delighted to get back some posts from those, who also had the same kind of sah than me.

I wish happy beginning of the week for everybody and big warm hug to eachone of you.

- Aakki-

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Hello and welcome,

Whilst I had an aneurysm that bled, something we all seem to have in common, is the feeling of how scary it all was and how thankful we are to still be here! I think it is very worthwhile slowing down and resting where you can, during the initial recovery and would suggest you ask your Doctor/Consultant at your next appointment as to when you can resume sport etc. Others on this site have had a non aneurysm bleed, so may be able to help more than I can.

I thought it was cold here (minus 3) until I read what you are experiencing in Finland! I hope you manage to keep warm and wish you well for the future.


(I have just seen that you posted just before me this morning!)

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Good morning Aakki!

Welcome to the site.

I also had an aneurysm-SAH so am not able to help specifically with NASAH (Non-Annie SAH), however I can empathise in some way with the anxiety and unease you are feeling.

I am sure the other NASAH survivors on here will get back to you with further advice.

It is early days, and lots of rest and fluids will help with your recovery.

I suffered quite badly with anxiety following my discharge from hospital on xmas eve last year. I can say now that I am feeling so much better!

I was living with my parents and being looked after until yesterday evening - when I moved back to my flat on my own!! (I was not able to get my head round being on my own initially).

I also phoned DVLA on saturday and had the good news that I can drive again too! And I am going back to work next Monday. Things are looking good and I am going from strength to strength now, so there is light at the end of the tunnel. :thumbsup:

Good luck with your continued recovery.

Take care - and yes keep warm!! Bbrrrrrr, sounds far too cold for me :crazy:

Kel x

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Hi Kel,

and thanks for your couriging ( did I write it right?) words. So happy to hear that youre starting the "normal" life again, but im sure without the hurry and rush, which may have been in the life before Sah, like it was with me. Enjoy your first kilometers behind the drivingwheel.


All the best

- Aakki-

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Afternoon Aakki,

Welcome to the site as everyone has said before me there is a forum on here with advice and help for you, annurysm or not it is still a very scary event in anyones life and you seem to be doing really well so early in your recovery well done you:-D. Do remember to take lots of rest periods and drinks.

Wow i can only imagine how cold it is in Finland it snowed here in my part of the UK on sunday and we think its freezing. I only have to watch the Winter Olympics and i am cold:lol: but i love it.

Anyway you take care,

Love luck and laughter

Michelle C xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Morning Aakki

Welcome to this website, we all understand what you are going through, no one else can as we do!

Everyone's recovery is different here you may have good days as well as the bad, just feel free to post when ever you need advice and I am sure there will be someone to answer.

Take care.

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Hello Aakki

You have done well to find this website so soon after your SAH, took me 2 years to find it.

I had a non-aneurysmal SAH in May 2007, and am now pretty good, I have some near vision problems left from it but have adapted well.

My specialist Doctor told me I am at no more risk of a further SAH than anyone in the general population. Nice to know.

Have a new part-time job which I love.

Guessed you were Finnish when I saw your name, I visited Helsinki on a cruise in Sept 2007 just 4 months after the SAH. Loved the shop, Aarika, I think with all the pretty wooden things! Also really liked the church built in the rock. Rained when we were there.

Take your time getting better, try not to rush things.

Bye for now, best wishes


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