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10 Years and counting

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Hi everyone,


Today, I finally reached 10 years.   What a journey.  


In the beginning, there was pain and the fear of not knowing if I would live or what kind of life I would have.  The weirdness in my head and if I’d ever feel anything other than pain and dread. My brain was a filing cabinet full of knowledge and order that tipped over and made a mess all over the floor and I was incapable of picking any of my files up.  


However, something happened along the way and slowly my files started finding their way back.  It takes time, hard work, a lot of crying, and it takes hope. The folks on this site helped me tremendously to see there was and is hope.  

I sit here today 10 years later to tell the “newbies” to have hope.  One week leads to one month, which leads to three months, six months, one year, and the next thing you know you are sitting in my spot 10 years later hoping for another 10 years.  Xoxo


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Congratulations Iola on your 10 year anniversary :) 


Thank you for sharing your journey and giving others positive hope.


Here is to many more :) 


Take care

Love Tina xx

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