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Hi All

Been off for awhile sorry. For all of you who have been following my saga with the hospital and the two complaints I made.

I have now received two letters from the Chief Executive unreservedly apologising for their lack of communication and an appointment is being made for me to have a further MRI scan in August and they have told me that the coiled aneurysm does not need further treatment at present, pity they didn't tell me that a year ago. The other complaint which I can tell you know was their failure to notify my urologist that it was OK to have a biopsy on my prostate (it took them 6 months to send a letter) which was to see if the prostate cancer I have has become aggressive. The good news was that it has not become aggressive and can continue to be monitored but I had 6 months of worry waiting to find out.

Lets hope nobody else has to go through the stress I had then at least some good has come out of it.

Anyway Happy Easter to you all.



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Hey John

That's great news - I hope they apologises profusely and sincerely - it's bang out of order making you wait all this time to find out things that could have been detrimental to your health.

Glad it's all sorted though and fingers crossed that the appointment comes through for August.

Really glad that everything is Ok on both counts

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Hi John

Glad you have finally got some apologies for lack of communication, which doesn't make up for a whole year of worry and anxiety on your part, but will hopefully highlight the issues so that no-one else has to suffer in the same way.

Take care

Kel x

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