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Introducing myself - Jane

Jane L

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My SAH was on 28 July just as I'd arrived at work (having been driving just a few minutes earlier). I had coiling and stayed in hospital for 2 weeks.

Luckily, I had no right or left side weaknesses and initially I thought no cognitive problems either. I've since realised my already bad memory is even worse and multi-tasking is at least for now, a thing of the past. I suppose, so soon into this process, I need to wait and see what improves.

Like others I've read about on here, I've gotten tearful over the last couple of weeks and will be asking my GP about counselling. I worked as a counseller myself in the past, so know it will help just to have someone outside the family/friend network to go and shout at and cry on!


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Hi Jane

A warm welcome to the site and you've already said it yourself it is very early on in your recovery so your emotions will be all over the place for a while yet. Short term memory problems and fatigue are very common in the early stages of recovery. Just remember be kind to yourself and rest as often as you need. It is very tempting to try to overdo things that usually results in a few bad days but at the same time we are only human so are very prone to pushing ourselves to the limit and beyond.

Take care and look forward to hearing more from you.

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HI & welcome to BTG, as Janet says it is very early days for you & rest is key to your recovery> Fatigue is unwelcoem but all to common & if you psuh yourself too hard too early you will feel the effects (its a case of do as I say rather than do as I do in my case I'm afraid). My memory is ok in general but multi tasking is a distant mmoery & i find myself overstimulated if I am somewhere for 4 hours or more & ahve to rest (even the beacj becomes unbearable ). i have a referral for a neuro psyxh in October bit initially I was todl there was a 16-18 week wait! It beats me though why it isn't offered to very SAH patient on dishchage as meotionally I am all over the place!

Talking to people on here is a great help though as we all understand where you are coming from. Looking forward to hearing more from you


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Hi Jane and a big welcome

Your a month after me so probably going through what ive just dealt with these last few weeks. Im like you seem okay but like you said memory and concentrating are not as good.

It does get better, im at nearly 3 months now and get more better days than bad days now.

I looked at counselling but coming on this site seems to help me.

Speak soon

Tracy S xxx

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Hi Jane

Welcome to the site and to the family. You are very early in your recovery but sound like you're doing well physically. I was the same - (I went back to work after three weeks) - the emotional side takes a lot longer to heal though. I had counselling and found it an immense help - as was and is this site.

Look forward to talking to you more - remember, you're not alone anymore :wink:

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Hi Jane,

Pleased to meet you (on here at least).

Good to hear that you have escaped any limb weakness - I think the emotional side hits us all at some point and it will be good if you can have some counseling reciprocated in due course.

I wish you well in your continued recovery.


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