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At last - i have found a site where I can more info to help my sister!!-Lynn


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My name is Lynn and my sister had a brain haemmorhage 10 days ago and hope to find out how I can help her. She is still very weak and confused and does not understand what has happened to her. She had a coil on 17 September and is now in high dependency ward. As I live over 100 miles away I am only getting up to see her at the weekends. We have tried to get more information from the doctors but all they are saying is she is doing fine. She is still sleeping most of the time but when I spoke to staff on the telephone last week they said yes she is up and about so when I got there at the weekend to find this was not true at all felt a bit deflated.

Hope I can find out more on here if this is usual?



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Hi Lynn,

Welcome to the site. Sorry to hear you're sister has suffered a haemorrhage. You will find lots of people here who will be able to help with your questions. We have all either had one ourelves or care for someone who has, and we are all at different recovery stages. I hope you will call in again and let us know how she is doing. Look forward to hearing from you again.

Take care,

Sally xx

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Hi Lynn and welcome to BTG :D

The ups and downs your sister is experiencing are quite normal after SAH. I slept a lot too and would be lucid one day and talking to visitors and the next day, I would be confused and not be at all with it. It does take some time and 10 days is very early. Keep your chin up and keep talking to her and don't be too worried if she seems to have taken a step backwards. Things do get better.

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Hi Lynn

Welcome to the site I'm sure you will find lots of useful information to help you through this difficult time. Sending best wishes to your sister and hopefully you will soon start to see some improvement but as the others have said it is very early in her recovery and normally one step forwards and two steps back at this stage.

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Hi Lynn

So sorry that your sister has suffered in this way. This is a fantastic site though and you will get lots of help and support here. Ten days is very early - they wouldn't let me out of hospital for ten days unless I stayed local (I live in Nottingham and was coiled in Plymouth)

Just be there when you can and talk to her - she may not remember you visiting. She will be very tired at first and will sleep alot so that her brain can rest and heal.

Stay positive.

Sending you both love and hugs

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