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Hi All,

Hope this finds you all ok. I thought I would let you know how my recovery is going since my operation Aug 20th. I have been out and about for the last two weeks. Just doing what I call nice things, what I want to do. Went out for a walk yesterday afternoon to pick the last of the blackberries in our local fields. Made a few pies today, eaten on for tea this evening.

I am going out for the first time on my own in the morning, off to town on the bus. As I am the main carer for my Mum, I am taking her to our carers lunch club, its our chance to have a chat. And the person you care for go and do what they enjoy doing for awhile.

We went last week but my hubby took us, this week I will get her there myself, I will take it slowly, but I want to do it and I will.

Night Night Love Sonia XXX

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Enjoy tomorrow with your mum - I have looked after my mum since her SAH 3years ago and I took her out on my own last week for the 1st time since my SAH. It was a bit like the blind leading the blind but we managed (haha). I was fit for nothing for the next 2 days but it was worth it to feel normal for a few hours. Have fun and a good rest when you get home.

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Hi there

Hope all went well.

I kind of remembered my first bus trip went to husbands work he met me off the bus we crossed the road and got on one at the otherside to go home ok it wasnt a long trip but the feeling of I did it was great.....

take care

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