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Richards Operation was cancelled

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:frown2:Well after waiting for 3 hours after he was due to go down the surgeon came and said they had to cancel it due to 2 emergencies coming in. We have now got to go back on Monday for them to operate Tuesday. The surgeon has however said that the better option is to put a stent in so they have put him on blood thinners for a week. Does anyone know morr about these stents as we have to admit there were 5 of us sitting there and none of us understood what the bloke was going on about. he just asked if rich was happy to have one put in and he said yes.

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Oh Zoe, I'm sorry to hear that .... we've had a few guy's on here that have had their own op cancelled due to an emergency, but have eventually got the procedure carried out .... however, it's not good when you get yourself psyched up and ready to go.... a lot more stress and upset!

From what I know .... (but would be wise to do your own research, as I'm obviously not a medic) .... a stent is normally used on wide necked aneurysms and helps to keep the coils in place .... xx

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Sorry to hear that it was cancelled at the last minute Zoe.

I'm one of those that this happened to and it's not nice. I hadn't actually got to hospital, but it was cancelled on the day I was going in. I found that really hard at the time.

Can't help with the stents - I would have been looking blank too - there is just so much to take in and unfamiliar things just don't register. I hope it all goes ahead next week and ends the agonising wait for you all.

Take care,


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Hi Zoe

Sorry to hear Rich's op was cancelled. Like others have said, you have the build up to it and then your hopes dashed at the last minute.

I remember how I felt going for the angiogram...I was a wreck, and that was a check-up not an op.

I do hope it all goes okay next week.

I thought the same as Karen about the stents. I have imagined they are like small pieces of tubing to re-inforce the vessel walls where particular weakness is found, i.e. at the site of an aneurysm.

Take care

Kel x

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Sorry to hear the op was cancelled like the others say its horrible when you get all geared up and then nothing happened with one of my angios. but someone needed theater more....

sorry cant help with stents but I do know a few thats had them done for heart surgery not the same but they said its been like a new lease of life to them....

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