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2nd SAH


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You will be okay Robert........Trust the oracle Win ......Keep well and think of family and how much they care about you...

Keep positive ...(easier said than done)....But I was told I would not walk again....after shunt I was fine..well okay I limp as

not walked for over a year and back aches ..if I can laugh so can you so please cheer up and sing a song or I'll sing..... naaa I wont put you through it.

Good luck on 23rd Nov......and once more all the best on road to recovery.


WinB143 x

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Hi Robert, just want to wish you all the best for the 23rd Nov. I know what an anxious time it can be leading up to the op - I had over 7 months of waiting in 2009, but you have got through this before and you will again.

Oh yes, don't the medical profession come out with some helpful, reassuring words - not. My radiologist once said "oh you worried me, I have never seen such bad vasospasm" and I once asked if too many coils could be put in and cause an aneursym to rupture (having visions of a balloon with too much air) - his reply "oh yes it has been known":shock: It was his laughter that made me wonder if his answer was actually right or full of sarcasm to my perhaps silly question.

Sorry to mention this as you await your op, but with you having mentioned what your own neuroradiologist said, I expect you, like me, assume it is their strange sense of humour!

I'm sure you will have great support from your family over the coming weeks,

take care,


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Hi Robert,

I, too, had a sister (25) who died from a SAH in 1979.

I, also, had a second aneurysm, which was successfully coiled last year. (1st SAH in 2005)

The genetic link is denied by many in the NHS but it's plain to see, by, both, anecdote and statistics.

Good luck with your procedure on the 23rd, I'm sure you will be just fine.

Elective procedures have a very high success rate, and it sure beats the alternative.

Welcome to BTG, and the cyber family that we all are.

This site is full of love and encouragement, and whatever the twists and turns of ongoing treatments, someone ,on here, will have been there before you.

We've all turned over the Ace of spades, but we're all still in the game, waiting for the next deal.

It's all chance, and the odds are good!

BTG gave me the positive life that I now lead.

I hope it gives you the same.

All the best.

Bill B.

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Hi Bill,

Thanks for your post. I'm sorry to hear that you have been through a very similar experience to myself. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. How did you have your 1st SAH treated? Was it coiled or clipped? I'm sure there are definite genetic links in some families.

Your right about the success rate of elective coiling. Very high success rate which is very promising. I'm sure I will be okay.

It's good to see that you are a fellow guitar player. I bought a new acoustic while I was off work after my recent SAH and playing it really helped me get through the tough times. Now play in the local pub every Thursday night with a bunch of friends.

Joining Behind the Gray has also really helped and it makes me appreciate life all the more.

Thanks again and I;ll let you know how I get on.

Robert P.

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Hi Robert,

I was coiled in 2005, which is ,of course nothing like the invasive procedure that you went through.

The resultant residue,however, is very similar.

The guitar in the avatar is a 1962 Burns TR2, my favorite instrument! (I have quite a collection of instruments).

It's good to hear that you are playing live.

I don't play music live anymore but still record my own stuff in my attic studio.

The only live performances nowadays are college plays that I help to produce and write.

I still have all my amps and speakers from 30 years ago and would love to play again.

Maybe, one day.

Playing guitar has helped me with co- ordination and concentration and I find it very yogic.

I also iron banknotes and paint tiny soldiers for therapy.

Very sad,


Are you playing blues and rock and roll or are you a jazz nerd?

It doesn't matter, any live work is great.

Rock- on Robert,

The next gig is always the best.

All the best,

Bill B.

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Hi Everyone,

Thought I had better put on a post to let everyone know how I am. Had my elective coiling done on 24th November and it all seems to have gone very well.

Booked into Ward 33 of the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh on the 23rd, talked to the neuroradiologist who was great, got the procedure done on the 24th and got home on the 26th.

The procedure took a bit longer than planned, approx 4 hours instead of 2, but they managed to get another 2 coils put into the aneurysm and had to put a permanent stent in place to keep the coils in place. Because of the stent, I had to get an infusion of the anticoagulant heparin which did make me bleed quite a bit and needed to get an arterial plug into my femoral artery, but the surgeons seemed very happy with the whole procedure and are happy that the aneurysm in now fully filled and not a risk for the future.

I'm still recovering, emotionally, from having to go through the whole thing again, and haven't quite reached the euphoric state of hopefully coming to the end of my SAH nightmare. I'm not sure if there will ever be an end to it, but spending some time in the neurosurgery ward and the patients in there, and being able to walk out with my wife and see the look on my kids faces that their dad is okay. Makes me appreciate life all the more.

Anyway, enough of a rant. I'm okay and recovering well.

Went for a brain operation and the sorest thing after it is my groin. Don't they know where my brain is!!!

Robert P

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Lovely to hear from you Robert. I'm really pleased for you that the coiling has been completed and you are recovering well. It is such a relief when it's done and I know your wife and kids will be pleased as well.

Take care and take things easy, although I know that's not always easy with having kids around!


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Hi Robert,

Glad to hear all went well, I can relate to that feeling of euphoria as I had elective in June and couldn't believe how relieved I felt that it was over so quickly. Unlike you I didn't have any snags and was out in 2 days. Take it easy and remember that although it was planned you have still had surgery so be kind to yourself.

Jan x

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Went for a brain operation and the sorest thing after it is my groin. Don't they know where my brain is!!!

Robert P

Oh Robert, how fab to hear from you. I am so glad that the operation was a success and is now behind you. Of course, the emotional journey is not an easy one to negotiate and I hope you are able to find some comfort form BTG on the way. Bear in mind that there may be twists and turns, even little dips; but there will also be ascents and clear straights for you to enjoy.

Regarding the pain in the groin following a brain operation; there is potentially a joke here about men’s brains being harnessed in a certain area of the body, but I do not know you well enough to make that joke and of course, I am far too polite!!!! So in order to avoid causing any offence, I’ll just wish you well and leave it at that! :wink:


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