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new member Danny

Danny H

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Hi everyone

Danny here from Suffolk.

i had a subarachnoid hemorrhage back in 2005,its been a long lonely road as i never new this site existed until today.

things have started getting better as time passes,lost an eye during the op and both hips after a problem with some of the drugs

but 41 years old and fighting.


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Hi Dan,

A warm welcome to BTG - it's a pity you didn't find it earlier, but I'm sure you are already finding out how useful this site is with it's wealth of information and personal experiences. Sorry to hear about the problems you've had - hopefully the next part of your journey will be less lonely now that you have found some fellow sahers to chat to.

Take care,


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thanks all

I never new this place existed until i was doing a quick web search yesterday.

my memory is still sticky at times so i was just googling to see if it was the norm after all this time.

i spotted a lad kevin with a similar story and a link to this place,and hay presto.

i spent a few hours last night reading others stories and it felt good to see i am very similar to others.

we all have our own issues ,some physical some mental but i hope i can help others not feel as gloomy as i had it a fare while.


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Hi & welcome to BTG Dan. This site has really been a lifeline to me, I found it about 6-8 weeks post clipping & it saved my life. Before that it was lonely & every twinge made me panic & not knowing if it was normal was worrying. No matter how far down the line you this place is so supportive & helpful.


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