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Hi - Shellie


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Hello. My name is Shellie. I suffered a nonaneurysmal SAH on July 8. Was actually having a great day when, boom..."the worst headache of my life (which doesn't come close to describing it)" hit. Ambulance to the hospital, air ambulance to bigger hospital and in to the neurosciences ICU. They found no aneurysm or A/V malformation....just alot of blood. I am home now and don't know how to cope. Sometimes I feel pretty good, other times I get horrible head pain and/or dizziness and/or get super tired...or even just general blah feeling. And depressed! And scared...all the time. I found this site...I'm hoping it will help. I notice most everyone is from Europe...do you have room for a yank from New Mexico, USA?

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Welcome to BTG ....others will be on here ..Who can remember more than I can....

I had SAH in August 2009........had shunt fitted in 2010 approx 1 year later as I had hydrocephelus....the inbetween was

dreamlike..ie in cuckooland......

I always put this ...but BTG makes you feel you are not alone..well for me it does.....thought I'd die...but a woman came on here

and typed "Hi I had anni 19 years ago"...I was phew..Thank goodness..life does go on after SAH !!

Be Well and Welcome

WinB143 xx

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hi shellie

welcome to btg you are so early in your recovery its going to take time ajusting to what has happened listen to your body that is the only way to start you will proberly feel yuck for a few weeks yet hence listen to your body sleep when you get the urge. by pushing yourself could lead to doing more harm than good keep up your fluid intake to keep yourself hydrated this may also help reduce the headaches but no promise's

you will find more info on the site and many more wil come on later take care and be carefull over there its lovely to have you here take care

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Hi Shellie

8 July was my 'special day' too but 4 years ago (and my nickname from my family is Shelly, a couple of coincidences there I think!!). That date always gives me a jolt now!

There are some other 'yanks' on here (I'm never sure if 'Yank' is an offensive term or not???? Apologies if it is). And several others who had NASAH too.

ALL of what you are feeling will improve with time. Especially the fear.

Nice to 'meet' you!

Michelle x

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