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Slight swelling at side of head

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I have just noticed a litle bump either side of temples.

I am typing this as I am scared ie could it be Hydrocephelus coming back ? my glasses tight ? I know I have to go to Docs in case

but I want a good christmas this year.

It is okay I have answered my own question I better get to Doctors then I can have a good Christmas.


WinB143 xx

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Win, Im hoping that by the time you've read this you have already seen the doctor and been reassured.

Your shunt should hopefully be doing its job to stop the hydro becoming an issue but if the regular feeling has changed then the best thinks is to have them check it all out for you and make sure all is in order.

My Best wishes are winging their way to you.

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GG, Keith, Wem, Daffs and Dawn xx appointment at 3pm.

Alan says "What are you talking about it's a bone", and Sarah says "Dad it is swollen look " ahhhhhhhh scream lol

Still going, just to put lumps at rest lol

Thanks you All xx I'll be okay xxx xxx I have got you to help me xxxxx


Win xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Hello All.

Well what a fool I am lol, glasses too tight Doc reckons, my hubby looked at me and went " Sheesh "

Doc said, "you did right to come here" as he pushed me out the door lol Ahh I do make myself laugh.

He said if swelling does not go, then go up hospital.

Love to All

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Hi Win,

I'm so sorry I've missed this post, I'm back from hiding in the dark!

So glad that its just a case of needing new spex or current ones being re adjusted.

I still struggle with mine sometimes, operation side is so sensitive to pressure on it. I have that side of my glasses adjusted really wide, quite shocking to see the difference between the right and left temples actually. To look at them off you'd think they'd been jumped up and down on!!

You take care dear Win and get your glasses sorted out!!

SarahLou Xx

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