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Hi All - Catherine

Catherine Sampson

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Hi :-D

I was so glad and surprised to find this forum. I had my event on 22nd August this year and have been home for two weeks.

I have a feeling you guys will be so helpful in my days ahead as I am finding that it is not just the physical damage that we have to deal with but there is also the mental shock...especially when you discover how lucky you are to still be here!

I have questions and I am hoping you guys can help!?


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Hi Catherine :)

A very warm welcome to BTG.

Such early days for you. Glad you found us.

Ask away....we can share with you our experiences to help, but we cannot give you medical advice.

Look forward to hearing more from you.

Take care

Tina xx

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Hey there

Ask away hun - there's bound to be someone on here who can answer or put your mind at rest.

Were you treated at Derriford? I was on holiday in Devon when I had my SAH and was taken to Barnstaple and then rushed to Derriford. I have to say, the care I got there was second to none - it was fantastic.

Glad you found us and I hope that you get all you need from this site - there are some amazing people here.

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Hi Catherine & welcome to BTG

You will find lots of help & support on here, there's usually someone around who can help with most questions you might have (although if its medical you really need to speak to your GP or neuro nurse)

I found BTG quite early on & it was a massive help to me, I'm not sure I would be this sane if I hadn't!!:crazy::crazy: The best advice for the early days is to rest & drink lots of water.

Take care & fire away with the questions xxx

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Catherine . Quiet day for me thus catching up on posts.

Welcome, glad u are doing ok and like the others say just take it slow. Don't be tempted to rush as your brain won't let you. Yes to the water but also keep your energy up with eating as the brain will burn massive energy just healing. Little and often is good.

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