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What Helped you Get over SAH

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Hi All,

Just wondered or wanted to know the following:~

We have had a rough time but we made it through and some people do not which is sad.

So to us that have made it I want to ask you, Ready?

What kept you going?

Wins answer :~ My Family and BTG has helped me a lot, also my Sisters told me I was a strong person.

Never thought of myself like that but guess I must be. Does a Tarzan yell xx

Over to BTG'ers What is your secret of recovering xx you might help another !!

WinB143 xx

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My strong will, family, friends and BTG, and a new belief in a higher spiritual being. Believing it was not my time and I had work to be done. Whether it is only that my will to keep moving on was a lesson to others or more is yet to come. Somehow the strength you can give when you go through something is not wasted if a lesson is learned or someone is touched.

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Wow, I would say my faith in God, which blessed me with my family and led me to this site and everyone here. I'm not kidding, I am still healing (do we ever stop?) and without meeting everyone I would've been a mess.

I am so thank you for the folks I've met and the courage and strength everyone has given me. Best gift ever!

So, thank you lots!


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Oh Win. You do lift people up.

So whilst I think I have long way to go still I think my mostly positive outlook has helped me. BTG definitely too. My family have been amazing as have friends, unwavering in their support and free with their hugs and kindness. I have also tried to look outwards not inwards but don't always manage that.

my faith and beliefs gave me comfort also. I have had faith healing and believe I have a guardian angel, that we all do , and I ask for help from them when times are hard or scary. Now u are probably all staring at me saying 'what?' . Hey different strokes eh?

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My two son's and BTG helped me through those dark moments of my life.

I also had started to do an intense research on my religion and spirituality as a whole that has changed my whole life literally.

Each day is easier and I have come a long way despite having some problems with my journey, I did look at BTG as a safety net who I knew had more or less the same problems.

Oh, yes my hobbies too helped me! :redface:

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My husband and children have been my biggest support and they still are thankfully. I also had a strong belief I would get better and I have been determined to push forward even through the bad times.

I now understand fully what happened to me every little detail...it pays to pick the brains of neurosurgeons :-D

I also believe I have a guardian angel.

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I would say my husband, my family, me and running is what kept me going. I know running sounds weird, but I was determined to get back to my pre-aneurysm level of fitness. I started running about 3 months after I got home from the hospital. It made me feel "normal" and hopeful.

I remember the excitement and pride I felt when I finally ran a mile without stopping. It has now been almost 2 years since my SAH and I've run 2 half marathons and numerous 10Ks in that time. I don't know where I'd be if I didn't have that drive pushing me.

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We understood what was happening to me when I collapsed because my mum had died of sah 9 years earlier. I guess a lot of what has kept me going is the thought that if I recover well and live a full life then her death will perhaps have some meaning.

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Different things at different stages.

1st: medical staff, therapists, drugs, neuron websites

2nd: Fortitude

3rd: Releasing all of the above and coming up with my own solutions, creativity

writing poems, playing instruments, art.

4th: Yoga, meditation, and a deepening spirituality

5th: Realizing the gift of time. Some things I can't facilitate except with this

6th: Giving back to close the circle. I volunteer at an inpatient rehab and speak to patients there.

7th: Kindness to myself, support from family and friends

8th: Always being open to try when it is time to try and doing it in my own way

Thanks for the thread :)


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