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Is it ok to feel really poorly when you are probably just a bit poorly?

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Hi all

I have been feeling poorly this week mainly sick feeling and headaches.

I have been really stressed at work and am only 10 months post intracerebral bleed and hydrocephalus.

I work 3 full days as a lawyer and find it hard :( I have a 2 year old and 5 year old but they are ace :)

I have now got dizziness aches and my tinnitus is back with a veangance! Feels just like the early days :(

Could it be a bug is it normal to feel poorlier than you used to??

Thanks xxx

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If you have any doubts at all you must seek medical advice. Could just be a step backwards as happens to all of us, or you have pushed yourself just a little too far or just a bug.

As we are not medically qualified we cannot even begin to speculate what is wrong.

My advice is to seek a medical opinion.

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I would have to agree with penny however everything makes me feel worse than the rest of the family since sah so in the meantime don't panic rest drink plenty of water and most importantly relax xxx

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I would definitely call your doctor but I'll also tell you what I was told when I was six months out. My dr told me that you will have times when you feel like you jump forward and times when you feel like you are rolling backward.

I understand exactly how you feel. I am one year out and this past week has been horrible. Headaches and dizziness every single day. I ended up having a melt down like a child.

Talk to your dr for reassurance.


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Like others have said I have had plenty of feeling worse moments, times where symptoms rolled back to where I was after discharge. It's scary and hard but I hope for you it will pass quickly. It's possible you are trying to do everything at your pre SAH speeds, I have learnt that I no longer have that speed on my dial , working three days and looking after kids is exhausting without adding recovery from a bleed.

My consultant when he knew I did a job that requires high levels of executive function said it was unlikely I would ever get back to working as I did...two years on and I have still only reached 12 hours a week as that effort combined with home and other commitments wipes me out....just saying maybe take a look at what you are doing and see if perhaps the pace is right, you may need to slow it a little.

Hope you feel better soon.

Good luck.

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If you are a lawyer, not only do you need to have your wits about you, you also need to be right - every time! Take regular breaks during your working day and slow down a bit. Think rationally about what you do and whether you really need to do that particular task. If you can cut out some of the wasteful things, you will be left with those that are truly necessary. Can you delegate anything? Can you prioritise? Are there things that can be left to a day when you feel better than others?

Two livewire kids as well eh? I doff my cap to you - sounds like you are doing just great to me!



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Hi Law,

You will get bad and good days, see how you feel after a good rest, is there someone who can have the

children even if it's only for a short break?

Perhaps you need a good rest, whatever happens I hope you feel better xx

As others said if it persists see Doc.

Or sing me a song xx

Love and hope you feel better soon.

WinB143 xx

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  • 2 weeks later...

I knew/felt that going back to what I was doing was NOT going to work for me. It was a time to re-evaluate who I thought I was. Was I my job? Was I my mind (I was a neuroscientist). Can I work for 12hour/day average?

It requires lots of reflection and each of us comes up with different answers. Some push ahead. Some check out entirely. Some switch roles. Some re-define themselves. This is the beginning of your journey. You will try things, realize they are right or wrong for you, try another thing etc.

Take heart in knowing that we are ALL doing these things here and you can explore and identify with others at given points. You are very typical in your inquiry. Keep inquiring and keep healing.


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Wish I knew your real name because I am empathizing with you! Only ten months on, eh? The following is given with hindsight - a wonderful thing! Probably like you, I came out of it all with an impression that I would just get over it and be back to normal. Like getting over flu. But it's not like that. I went back to work two months after I came out of hospital - like you, having suffered the hemorrhage and hydrocephalus. At first, I could only do two hours a day before my eyes went swimming.

It was too early - but I didn't know what to expect and my charity really needed my presence then - so I did it and they carted me too and fro (my driving licence was gone!) and, for them, I went on doing it and built up the hours. The hindsight thing now tells me that I should not have done that and they should have been forced into finding someone else to do my job. Now, it's nearly three years on - I have developed a number of other health issues and I am just having to give up.

I am not of the same age as you, though - I have grandchildren the age of your own children and older! The youngest of them (at 15 months) delighted my heart this last weekend but left her Grandma in ribbons at the end!

You have a whole heap to cope with in doing a job and coping with children - no matter how ace they are. I don't know what your circumstances are and so I wouldn't presume to advise. I do know, in current times, that, in the case of both of my children, both partners have to work. In my time, I did it because I wanted to - the world has changed. But, if you can, ask if you really really need to do this three days a week - and listen to your own self.



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Your brain now has to work very hard to do even basic things. When I first went back to work, I did 4 hours twice a week. I though this would be simple, but it was really hard. I was floored by it. By then, I had been driving for about 3 months and adding a 25 mile round trip seemed to double the day.

They increased my hours every other week and when I changed my role, they bumped me from 20 hours to 40 over the space of a weekend. I now know that this was all way too much, oh to be able to go back and do it all again armed with the knowledge we now have!

Did you go back to your GP? What you have described (the ringing and dizziness) sounds very much like your brain's telling you to slow down, but as we are all so different, it's always best to get checked out.

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