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Hi there. I had a SAH in late July this year and have been out of hospital now for 10 days. My diagnosis, like many others, was as much a shock to the doctor as it was to me. My wonderful husband took me to A&E at 2am after an hour of the worst headache and vomiting. My hubby was convinced it was something serious...so much so he even packed me an overnight bag!


I live 40 mins from the hospital so there was no point waiting for an ambulance. Nurses gave me pain and nausea meds and fluids but it was clear from the off everyone was convinced this was a migraine. I saw the doctor at 6am and he sent me on my way with ibuprofen.

By 9am I was back home having been for a short walk with the dog and I got a call from the hospital doc saying that he'd spoke to a colleague and they thought I should come in for at CT scan....precautionary, no rush. I had a few hours sleep and headed back in for about 4pm. CT revealed a small bleed and doctors informed me that they'd spoken to the neuro unit in Glasgow who wanted me sent down there straight away - I live on a Scottish island and Glasgow is the nearest neuro unit.


A few hours later I'm on the air ambulance (pretty disappointed I wasn't on the helicopter lol) and in Glasgow by 10pm. Had another CT scan and was told at midnight that that bleed was caused by a small aneurysm. Had it coiled by lunchtime the following day. The most difficult part for me was not having my husband with me. He had to travel down separately and so didn't arrive until after my surgery which made it so much more stressful for both of us.

My aneurysm is very small and the coiling has only been a partial success and they anticipate to do more in 6 to 12 months. I also have another aneurysm that's going to be monitored.

I know I've been so very fortunate to have had a small bleed and small aneurysms but it is a challenge reconciling all of this! I am 39 and have none of the risk factors for an aneurysm. I know I've got a lot of "processing" to do (whatever that means!) and it's great there is a forum such as this to learn from and share experiences.



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Hi Andrea and a warm welcome to this site.  I'm sorry for the reasons you have joined us, but glad that you have!

It seems you had quite a journey getting attended to.   Sadly, it is all too common for a sah to be misdiagnosed as a migraine - which is unsettling to say the least. 


It's reassuring that they will be monitoring you. I too am being monitored (my sah was nearly 7 years ago and I have a 2nd aneurysm) and am currently awaiting the results of my latest check up.


This event is very recent for you and I'm sure you will find it useful reading through some of the post on here to get an insight as to what you might expect during recovery. It is not a case of "one rule, fits all", we are all different and have unique, but similar experiences - many of which have been shared on here. 


I wish you well on your personal recovery,

Take care,


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Hi Andrea,


You have been very brave through all this, a bleed is a bleed no matter how large or small, and you must have been scared.


But that's all over with now and good they know about coiling, to keep an eye on it.


This site helped my daughter first as when I had my SAH.   I was in cuckoo land for a while.


Any worries just type them down and there is always someone to reply.


I wish you well on your recovery and you will know when you are better (I started to argue with hubby lol) xx


Good Luck and welcome to BTG


WinB143 xx xx

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Hi Andrea,


You were lucky to be conscious when you went in the air ambulance - I was unconscious when I went and it could have been a canal barge for all I knew!


Anyway, welcome to BTG.  The best part for you is that they have identified the problem and are able to keep an eye on it.


Take care in your recovery and don't try to do too much, sometimes your body can lull you into a false sense of security and then let you know in no uncertain terms that you are going too fast for it!


Good luck, keep us posted and be gentle with yourself in the meantime!



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Hi Andrea - you young little thing (as compared to Win anyway - lol)


I'm so sorry that you had to experience an SAH.  I believe that it's not uncommon for doctors to diagnose symptoms as Migraines and that is unfortunate.  You're so early into the healing process.  Make sure you get a lot of rest and drink water as you can.  If you have any concerns please make sure you see a doctor - even if it just to ease you fear.  Drop in here often. You will see that a lot of people went through what you did.


Sending positive thoughts your way.  Step by step Andrea.


Love, Carolyn

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Hey Andrea. I was also 39 when I had my SAH. Similar to you no warning signs, fit and healthy and also have a small one they watch and a neck on my coiled one plus a shunt thrown into my recipe...hey ho! Well we are still here to tell the tale. The lucky ones.

Be kind to yourself in the next months. Baby steps and celebrate every step forward. It will be hard but you'll progress so much. Take care

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Wow, wasn't God looking out for you. Amazing your small aneurysm led to the another that can now be monitored. I am so glad you are here with us and hopefully feeling better. Thank goodness for a concerned doctor that did the right thing.

When I has my bleed I was five hours from home so I do know what it is like to be alone and scared.

Take care of you.


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