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Hello from Melbourne, Australia

Guest Cyberhorse Mel

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Guest Cyberhorse Mel

Hello everyone

I am new to all of this - I had my SAH just six weeks ago and I am lucky to be be making a wonderful recovery.

This site was fantstic my dear OH found it and printed off the pages of what to expect and other stories from other members which helped me to come to terms with what happened to me.

Like all people I have good days and bad days. The hardest thing is that it is all I seem to talk about and I dont want my friends and family to ge sick of me and roll theri eyes! Ive been looking over the posts for a while now and decided to join up and put my name out there.

Yes - I am from Melbourne, we are heading into winter but life is still wonderful down under.

I would love to hear form any other people form Melbourne - I cant find any SAH group locally.

Sometimes I think it woul dbe nice to chat to someone who knows what it is like - although each expereince is very different.


Cyberhorse Mel xx

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Hey there

Welcome to the family and to the site. This is a fantastic place to be for support and advice or just a general chat really.

I'm 20 months in now and still have bad days but don't worry they're few and far between now.

You'll meet a load of great people on here and I've made some life long friends.

Speak soon

Sami xxx

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Hello and welcome to behindthegray!

Glad to hear you're making a good recovery. 6 weeks is very early in your recovery, so make sure you take it easy and rest when you need to. Rest and sleep are the keys to recovery.

Like Sami, I'm 20 months on and still have the odd bad day, but it's very rare now.

As you've already discovered, each experience is different, but you're amongst people here who have been through it all and any questions or concerns you might have, I'm sure someone here can help with reassurance and advice. They're a great bunch!

We're well into spring here in UK (allegedly), but it feels more like winter today!

Look forward to hearing more from you.



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Hi Cyberhorse Mel

A warm welcome to you. :D You are in the very early stages at 6 weeks,things can be very hard. I have found this site so friendly and helpful, it has helped me so much. :D

Things do get better, slowly but surely, sometimes going backwards a bit. Everyone has told me to take my time, rest alot and listen to my body, and it is all true!

My SAH happened nearly 5months ago, I am on the mend, still problems with sight, balance and headaches. A few weeks ago I went from being really positive and up beat, to feeling low tearful and anxious. The wonderful people on this site, told me this is quite normal and made me feel human again! Any questions you only have to ask and someone will have an answer!!!

Take care, look after yourself


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Hi Cyberhorse Mel,

Six weeks is still very early, bless you. Listen to what your body tells you, that's the best advice I can give you. I know it's frustrating, and you want to get on and do everything yourself, but at this stage you need to take it easy.

As Tina, has mentioned before me, rest a lot, this is the best medicine, and yes it's true.

We are all like a little "exclusive" family on here, ha! We can moan, laugh, or even cry on here if we want, as we all truly understand one way or another what we are all going through.

It's so lovely to come on here, and natter.

A warm welcome to you, and I look forward to hearing more from you. How grand, you come from Australia, a lovely place. It's freezing here! ha! Soon to be summer, well we hope, fingers crossed we get a good one.

Please take care of yourself, and much hugs to you,

H xxx :D

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Gidday! Cyberhorse Mel, I am from the Central Coast NSW and 18months Post SAH. Like you I am very gratefull to Karen and the fabulous people on this site that take the time to share their experiences and offer so much support. it's nice to have another Aussie on the site. Take care.


Diane :D

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