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There  may not be a complete recovery. We're told to jump on this road to Recovery , but no one tells  us about the side roads do they?  You know, when we veer off and lose the way for a while. 


There are no rules on this road and certainly no speed limits,they would be pointless.


The destination at the end of this road is not called 'Recovered'  (that would be rare and give us false hope)


Its called ADAPTED.


The side roads take us to places such as 'Frustration, 'Fatigue ' , 'Lash-out', 'Depression and Anxiety'.


We try our best not to stay at these places for too long,they're not helpful to anyone but they all get a visit now and again in order to urge us on to ADAPTED 


We will all get to ADAPTED in our own way and in our own time. It's a long road that somehow seems to get longer as time goes on. The important thing is to stay on it,easier some days than other days Surely If we all follow the same directions we will all arrive at ADAPTED?


I can't wait to get there


Jan xx





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Hi Jan,


That's a good way of putting it!


I think you have passed some of the scenic places along the way too, such as Hope, Opportunity, Aspire, Change, Delegate.  If you catch my drift! 


Yes you are getting there with grit and determination and effort!  Well done!



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Also Jan,


Thank Goodness we made it to see our kids again, no matter what age and adaptations we made, to be able to tell them how much we love them.


Thank our Families for sticking by our sides, when others gave up on us.  The Love we felt when we awoke.  Everyone who knew us before SAH/bleed was caring for us.  Now they have adapted and I guess so must we.


Life goes on but we have altered slightly, I cannot take noise and arguments. (Unless it is me singing) ha ha


Be well Both  xx


Win xx xx 



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  • Skippy changed the title to Adapted

Jan totally agree and I've always said, especially on here, that it's a long road to the place called Recovery but you are allowed to make as many pit-stops along the way as you like.  I have also passed through the "places" you mention and although in some there were holdups and I got stuck there a while, I am now at the end of the road to Recovery - although the actual destination may not be all I hoped it would be, I'm here and I'm happy xx

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Jan, just wanted to say what a brilliant post, 


You are right that we all have to travel those roads to get to ADAPTED, in some way shape or form we will all get there in the end.


I do believe that you my friend are doing a great job of getting there, well done.



Michelle xx

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Thank you all so much for your lovely comments and Thank you for allowing me to share my 'ramblings' on here. I have a book that I often just write my thoughts  in, not so much a diary,just whatever is in my head at that time,I'm not organised enough yet to keep a diary so it is quite a random collection of thoughts and hopes.

Daffs, my sat nav hasn't found 'Acceptance' yet, It finds 'frustrated easily enough though!! 

Jan xx

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Hi Jan


Your thoughts on `Adapted` triggered a few verses for you to put in your `book`.




There`s no going back

To your previous abode.

No, SAH has led you

On a different road.


There`s no going back

You`ve a new life ahead

Confusing, upsetting

And at times full of dread


There`s no going back

There is no quick fix

But you`re building your new life

With different bricks.


There`s no going back

BTG wants to help you

Their message is clear

Rest-drink whatever else you do.


There`s no going back

We go forward together

Each day in our posts

We give help to each other.


There`s no going back

With these highs and these lows

And our will getting stronger

The end result who knows


But we are going to adapt

Our work may need to change

Take account of our brain

Our schedules rearrange


But we are going to adapt

House work can wait

As I negotiate with my brain

On how much it can take


But we are going to adapt

If I take too much on

Fatigue will soon hit me

And I won`t get it done.


But we are going to adapt

Each day helps I feel.

I must not be impatient

Give my brain time to heal.


When will we arrive there?

We are all different you see

The road that you take

May not be for me.


When will we arrive there?

I`ve come to accept

That each day brings new meaning

Things I didn`t expect



When will we arrive there?

Please..family…wait and see

I`m confused and uncertain

Please be there for me.



When will we arrive there?

There is no way to know

Just hold my hand tightly

Where ever I go




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