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Hello from daf187 - new member NASAH


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Hello all,


I'm a new member from South Wales, UK. 40y male, don't smoke, fairly fit and healthy diet.

I had a NASAH in Dec 2016 whilst out running. I ignored the 'thunderclap' and the vomiting and carried on running, which I now know was very silly. Symptoms worsened until I sought GP help and then to the hospital.


After a period of excellent exploratory work on ward T4 at the Heath in Cardiff I returned home.

Still very much in the recovery zone but thankfully (so far) have not suffered any major changes to my life as a result.

2 months off sick, sick leave has now run out so I am on phased return at work. My employer has been supportive.


I had oromorph briefly and a whole stack of coedine. Thankfully weined myself off about 3 weeks ago.

Still suffering mild, random headaches and neck pain, with some tinnitus. Some mild memory issues but it's early days to be determining that as a long term issue.


I'm still learning a lot about NASAH and as that knowledge develops so do my emotions, as I learn that things could have been considerably worse.

On that front it's been rather a roller-coaster ride, as a father of 2 young children obviously I've been taking stock of my life.

Thanks and I'm happy to be a part of a forum that has been helpful to me over the last 2 months or so as I lurked.




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Good to be alive isn't it Daf,


Welcome to BTG xx and remember to drink water xx


I awoke and thought it was the beginning of the end for me,  but then my Daughter found this site while I was in Hospital.


It helped her no end and it has done the same for me, knowing you aren't the only one is such a relief !!  Selfish I am xx


Found I was allergic to Codeine, never was before  SAH


Wishing you all the best on your recovery and keep a happy frame of mind  if and when possible xx


WinB143 xx xx

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Hello Daf


A warm welcome to BTG.  Glad you are finding the site helpful. You will get much support as you read into the various threads from our members` experiences. Don`t hesitate to ask any questions, and while we do not give medical advice, you will receive much support from members who feel they can offer help


It is good that you have had two months sick leave and are now on a phased return. Your return to working conditions is a time when you will begin to learn how your brain and body have been affected by your NASAH. Look out for any signs that may be telling you to slow down or take a break. 


It is so important that you take time to get back to where you `left off`. For everyone, this can be a challenging journey and many have to revise their expectations along the way.


Drink often and rest frequently .


It will also have been a worrying time for your partner and young children.  How have they coped with your hospitalisation and recovery?  Please be open with each other about your concerns about work, home life the immediate future. Help one an other through this.


I wish you and your family well in your journey




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And also welcome to the "runners" group.  I also suffered my NASAH while running.  Each of our journeys are different, so be patient and listen to your body as you heal.  I was treated with an EVD, had to take 3 months off of exercise until a follow up scan could be done, and then carefully phased my running back in.  I am hopeful you will be able to resume your healthy exercise as well when the time is right.


Until then, expect weird headaches, some anxiety, sleep problems, mood swings, memory problems, and possible some poor or inconsistent vision.  At least those were my top items.  You may also have people tell you that you repeat things you have already told them.  If so, don't worry, this should get better with time. 


Also be careful with alcohol.  I am 16 months out now and it still affects me differently.  I read somewhere that alcohol after a bleed can be twice as effective and I believe it.


I hope you will, like me, recognize that even though this thing attacked you, you survived and are one of the lucky ones.  I am humbled often on this site by the struggles of those who did not fare as well.  I am also often inspired by their courage and resilience.


I will send a prayer for a speedy recover for you.



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So i I hope you appreciate the daffodils for St Davids day ?


Welcome to BTg and great to hear it has been helping you so far. Life will be different, how can it go back to being the same knowing what we know and having lived through what we did? but we can go on from it, regain, relearn, adapt.


Importantly we can also encourage each other especially when some days or challenges are harder than others and in turn boost courage and reduce fears with shared experiences. 


Work is a big step, there are some amazing threads on here, lengthy but worth reading from people going back years. Just make sure you put plenty of breaks in and be kind to yourself, you won't just bounce back to it.


I described to a colleague that if you fell off a running machine at speed you wouldn't just be able to jump back on and run at the same pace and tempo. You have to stop, see to the injury and only when you are ready build back up to a new pace.  Slow. Steady. And in time I would hope that approach leads you back up the fells too. 



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Hi Daf,

Welcome to BTG, you have come to the right place for helpful information and support,


Sounds like you are doing ok, try not to push yourself to hard to soon, it`s still early day`s for you.

Listen to your body and your brain and try to rest when you can, also drinking plenty of water to keep hydrated,

as that will help with the headaches.


You are on the recovery road now and things do get better as time goes on,


I wish you and your family all the best as you go on your recovery journey together.


Best wishes

Michelle x

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Hi Daf


Welcome to BTG and to the runners nasah group that there are a few members of - Chris, Josie and myself to name but a few! 


Mine happened 2 years ago on 10 February 2015. I've made a fairly good recovery and actually ran 5.5 miles  last night with my running group. That was after a bad working day when I nearly didn't run. But I knew i would regret it if I didn't go and I am glad I did. My brain had been fried at work and it was nice to just run and not have to think about anything.


Take your phased return slowly, don't push too hard as you will regret it. Your brain will tell you when to stop so take notice of it. Drink plenty of water and rest when you can.


Well done for coming out of the shadows, look forward to hearing more from you.


Clare xx

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