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compulsive eating

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I was doing really well when i was dieting before my SAH in March, i had lost 12kg and i was feeling better until the SAH i also lost weight whilst i was in hospital but for the last few weeks i comfort eat, it's more like comfort eating, i never had this problem before but i cannot stop craving especially popcorn.

I have not put on a lot of weight but i am cocerned as this does not help my blood pressure.

I did speak to my doctor, he feels it's a delayed reaction of the SAH.

I just want to get control of my body again, it feels that i no longer have this control.

I was reluctant to post this but i had no choice but to.

Myra xx

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I was on a diet also pre sah and doing really well i lost about 1 stone and also lost weight in hospital ...

But now YES eateateat I do try and eat salads now though because I do believe I was eating anything after sah because

I couldnt stand to long to make anything x x still like to eat my lemon muffins though :lol::lol: everytime i get my bloodpressure

checked they say it is fine and I go every 4 weeks...........

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Pre SAH I was underweight and have been all my life, now I have put on a stone and a half post SAH :) I am not overweight but I have a big tummy! :)

I wondered if it was anything to do with the SAH and it changes the metabolism or something?

Although I was a smoker and now I only smoke 2 a day

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I've put on LOADS of weight post-SAH. I was a smoker too but gave up, unknowingly, when I was in hospital so didn't/haven't gone back to it (although I still miss it - a lot!). Am now working on losing weight by trying to eat sensibly and not give in to cravings, which I also have.


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Guest Shiree

I was the same as sasbo, gave up smoking when in hospital. Although I didn't really want to, but have put on heaps of weight. I was really fit and skinny....but now :(

I think mine is eating wrong foods, really crave sweet things and not being as active.

I know its really hard to deal with when you feel down about things anyway.



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Hi Everyone, me too, i have put on weight since sah, i think mine is boredom and not being very active, plus my age...... but working on it and hope to loose the stone and a half... like Jess i was always sinny and able to eat anything....those were the days !!!

Sasbo....i did mean Skinny :lol::lol: but yes sinny as well...love choc, chips.....all the healthy bits :lol:

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Hi Myra

I lost a lot of weight post SAH as food tasted so bad. I'm now starting to put on weight as I've started to ignore the bad taste. I think with me it's because I'm back at work and feeling so tired a lot of the time and eat chocolate, nuts or whatever to give me a boost of energy though obviously it doesn't last long.

I'm going to try to do something about it before it gets worse and I get heavier.

Anne x

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Guest yasmin

Me too put on over a stone post SAH never had a belly before now its horrible I joined weight watchers got my gold membership but they would chuck me out if I went for a weigh in!!

I'm doing 100 sit ups a day so that I don't look to awful in my Bikini next week :lol:

Anyway got to say glad that someones Doc blammed it on the SAH!! good one

can't see it myself though I just binge eat in the evening, like now I'm not hungry but i've eaten two toasted buns with butter :roll: yummy though

got to have some pleasure!!



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Hi there

Yes, I'm in the same club: I was skinny/sinny before my SAH, now have put on 1 to 1.1/2 stone in weight. Have turned into a tellytubbie. :shock: I think it was all the lying around in bed, on sofas etc for months when I first came home and eating a lot of sweet stuff, cakes, chocolate and sweeties which I craved when I came back home.

Also all my life I've run around like the proverbial chicken: and have slowed down considerably post SAH. Mainly 'cos I go very dizzy and nauseous if I do things too quickly these days. Even getting up off the sofa quickly makes me go dizzy for a moment or two.

I bought a hula hoop the other week but haven't tried it yet. Trouble is I don't have a waist anymore to make a start swinging it around. :roll:

Oh well, just hold on the fact we're alive and kicking and a fat tummy isn't the end of the world.

Big hugs

Lesley xxx

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Hi Donna, Only when i am bored...have to try and keep my mind busy...so easy to go and grab a biscuit or crisps or chocolate....hence why i no longer have them much in the house...its the only way, or i would be eating them. Cant be easy with a little one either :D

Keep busy, take care, Love Tinaxx

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Just read your post, i'm exactly the same, back at work and eat chocolate, sweets, sugary drinks as an energy boost. Mentioned it to doc and he gave me strong multivitamins but they make me sick.

Mine is all rounf the tummy, need to do sit ups or something! At the north west meetwe discussed wii fit but I can't remember whether people said it was good or not, any tips on that?



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Hmm - still trying to get a wii fit - impossible to find one, for the right price that is. No problem getting one in a 'bundle' with other stuff we don't want. Damn those marketing people!!! Hope you had a great holiday, Laura and looking forward to meeting up again soon - are you going to Karen's? We can't, sadly, but wish we were. We are going to Nottingham on 27th though.

Sasbo xx

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EVELYN :mrgreen:

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I am always eating and do crave for sweet things. My wife tries to monitor what I eat but she's going out tonight so I will have my usual Wednesday night bar of chocolate!!! One good thing for me is that since my SAH I cannot drink alcoholic drinks, no one has told me not to I just can't stomach them anymore and I used to drink a fair few pints prior to SAH perhaps the beer drinking cell in my brain has been damaged!!! There is a bright side in that I've got more money but I end up spending it on meals out. HEY!! we've got to have some pleasures in life. I am way overweight and do try but they always put those big bars of chocolate near the checkout!!



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I'm totally the opposite since the SAH, as can't eat very sweet stuff ..... I very rarely touch puds ..... only yoghurts ..... rarely eat cake and can only eat chocolate in small quantities, but do get the odd craving ..... so must try the Green & Black's dark chocolate that Jan recommended to me.... However, I've still managed to stack on the weight!! :)

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