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One year nasah anniversary!


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Wasn't sure I would make it to this milestone yet,  here I am!  It's been a difficult year,  full of constant headaches,  panic attacks and fatigue.  I constantly worried that something else was wrong.  


I had my one year check up with the neurosurgeon and the MRA came back normal. They did find a very small bulge on the left side of my brain but,  said its so small, they can't tell if it's an anyuerism or what. I also had my neuropsych assessment and they could find no neurological damage aside from my executive function running a bit slower than normal. 


My family doc determined I have tachycardia and prescribed a beta blocker.  Low and behold,  the beta blocker put an end to about 95% of the panic attacks.  They have also prescribed gabapentin for the headaches which has made them more manageable. 


I still have days where I feel like I can't get out of bed, still have days where the headaches get the better of me but,  all in all,  I feel like I'm on the up and up.   I'm back to working almost full time and I have to admit,  I missed spending all day outside in the sun. I am looking forward to spring,  to putting in my vegetable garden,  to playing with my new puppy outside, going on walks with my daughter.  


I still worry with each odd pain but,  I am slowly learning to just enjoy the day.  What is going to happen in the future is in the future.  I'll just enjoy the here and now. 

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Eric, congratulations on reaching the first year.

Enjoy your gardening, the new puppy and the walks, I'm sure they will bring you lots of pleasure. My little girl, as she was then, certainly helped me along the way. (She is almost 15 now)

You have a positive attitude by enjoying the here and now, no point in worrying about the future.  

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Eric, it does and will get easier .... time is a great healer and your confidence will return. Celebrate and take each day as it comes. 


I hope that the meds make life a little bit easier .... I've been on a beta blocker for many years now and also put on a med for depression (I tended to fight the medication route) .... I've found that both have helped me loads ... and have helped the anxiety and panic attacks....I wish that I'd taken this route earlier!  


The brain is a complex organ and when things go wrong, it does affect our wellbeing and sends us a little haywire to say the least. Take care. x

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Congratulation of your first year Eric, that's the worst one out of the way. Sounds like you are making good progress, back to work and getting out and about.


I think we all worry what the future holds but it sounds like you have come out of this like myself, pretty unscathed. We all have problems which are unnoticeable to others which can be frustrating. We look normal but don't feel that way and others find that difficult to comprehend. Hopefully you have special people around you who recognise that and embrace the new you.


Here's to a great 2nd year, keep us posted.


Clare xx

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Hello Eric....also a big well done 12 months on. 


In these early days and weeks.... just getting to the end of each day was no doubt an achievement for both you and your family.   365 days later you have lots to look back on and be thankful for.


Great that you are back to work.....


As a Carer..... a big well done to your family too.......who have lived every up and done with you. :) 


Keep strong and keep listening to your body and brain as you face the year ahead together.




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Eric, congratulations on your 1st Anni-versary, sounds like you are making good progress, 


It takes a while for the fatigue to settle, I always say it's the brain and the body's way of reminding you that they are still recovering.


I hope you enjoy getting back to your gardening, your new puppy and your walks with your daughter.


Wishing you well as you continue to recover.



Michelle xx 

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Thank you all for the well wishes!

It does frustrate me at times but I do feel very fortunate that ia able to walk away relatively unscathed.  


I sincerely appreciate all the positive comments.  This page had gotten me through some very difficult days.  I have an amazing wife and family who have stuck by me through thick and thin but,  in the end,  you sometimes need to hear something from someone who had been through it as well,  you know? 


Anyway,  thank you all again from the bottom of my heart!



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Well done Eric,


Wish I could remember mine ha ha xxx


You are a survivor so get out there and enjoy life, my Daughter has panic attacks and she realises the more she worries the worse they become, try water and mints to suck as it takes away dry mouth.


Good luck and many more 


Win xxxxxxxxxx

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Well done Eric and congratulations.


Picture a graph with a wavy line on it that represents your recovery. There are some ups and downs on that line but as long as the general trend is up, you're doing just fine.  Rarely does the road to recovery appear as a straight line, unfortunately. 


So enjoy life for what it is, do things when you can and rest properly when you feel you need to and you should be just grand!


The simple things you mention now take on a more grandiose appearance and you appreciate things you previously took for granted.  That's no bad thing - perhaps people who have not been ill should look at those things too, with a little more appreciation of what they really represent and mean!


Here's to year two Eric - look forwards, not back, unless it is to learn a lesson from history!


Best wishes,



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