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Scared again...

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Hi all,

I was a member on here years ago, had my SAH February 2008. I have made a good recovery with only minor things wrong with me.

Until...I fell down the stairs on Thursday night, top to bottom, head over heels. I am physically battered and bruised, but mentally I seem to have gone to pieces.


I am wondering why I fell down the stairs, it was the middle of the night and I was half asleep. I think I was going for a glass of water and missed the first step. It has made me think of all sorts of irrational reasons why it happened. I constantly relive the fall.

Every day since my SAH, I have relived that too, but manage to cope.


Just feel like I cant handle anything, feel pathetic, teary, scared...I could go on.


Think I am turning back to you all for re-assurance that I am not crazy. Just silly and scared.

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Hi Jan


Welcome back.  Think you might be in shock hun.  Have you been to the Docs (if not A&E) and got yourself checked out? You need to make sure all is OK, even if you feel physically fine, better to be checked xx

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Hi Jan,

Sami is right, go and get yourself checked out, making sure all is ok will help to put your mind at rest, it's natural to question why it happened or how it happened.

It does sound like you are suffering from shock. Take care.xx

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Hi Jan...great you came here...these folks are awesome support...you are not crazy, you had something scary happen and your reaction is to be expected...I hope you are feeling better and as those with more experience than me suggested, do get checked out by your Dr.   

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Hi Jan and welcome back.


I think you answered your own question, it was the middle of the night and you were half asleep!  We've all done daft things when half asleep but yours sounds as though it was just unlucky.  Don't beat yourself up about it.


The fall happened and it's behind you now. You can't undo it so don't worry about it.  Just go and get checked out by your doctor, like the others say, and move on.   How many times did you fall when you were a kid?  You don't give those occasions a second thought do you?


No Jan, you aren't crazy, you are you, the irrepressible you, the bouncebackability you.  You just need to bounce back up one more time, dust yourself down and get on with things.  Sure, have a blub with someone you love and respect, talk about it and get it out of your system, learn to let go.  Not always easy I know, but you will feel much better when you have talked about it, in my opinion.


To avoid it in future, why not take a flask of water to  bed so you don't have to go past the stairs.  The flask will keep the water cool for a long time!  Just in the short term, until you get your confidence back.


I think you need to talk to someone close to you from time to time, to get all your fears and anxieties out of you.  When you bottle it all up inside, the pressures seem (to you) to magnify beyond all reasonable proportion and talking with somebody relieves all that pressure and gives you a sense of balance.


We all need help from others on occasions Jan - don't be afraid to ask for it - ask for help when you feel weak, give help when you feel strong enough.


In the meantime, we are all here for you.


Good luck,



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Remember Jan always put your mind at ease and when they say it's nothing you can then go phew!!


I get up sometimes in the night and go giddy when stand up quickly, don't despair see as others have put Doc or A & E and put mind at ease xxx I had mine a year after you xx 2009 


Wishing you all the best and let us know how you get on xxxx


Win xxx

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