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Fatigue and memory

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Hi everyone ,

I'm just wondering if anyone suffered with fatigue that they could sleep all day if they were left - my mum (aged 49) had a SAH & a clip during our recent holiday she's now home she came home via air ambulance but we have to keep at her for 40 mins plus to get her up to eat etc which we feel so bad for as she's obviously exhausted but also aware she can't just lay in bed all day.


Once she's up she's ok in herself and will stay up for a few hours . She also has short term memory and tells us many stories that haven't happened which I'm sure in time will improve but she forgets she's eaten , had her tablets so wouldn't be able to be on her own.


thanks everyone


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Hi Tara,

Welcome to BTG, sorry to hear that your mum has suffered SAH, it must have been very traumatic for you, especially having this happen while on holiday.


The fatigue that your mum is experiencing is normal after SAH, her body and her brain have suffered a major trauma and they both need a lot of time to recover, this means she will sleep a lot, it's the brains way of trying to recover, if you have to wake her to eat and she feels she needs to rest and sleep allow her to do that,


If she doesn't feel like getting out of bed, try taking small amounts of food to her, I know I had very little appitite after my SAH and could only cope with small portions. Try to make sure that she is drinking lots of water, keeping hydrated is really important and it really does help with headaches if mum is getting them.


Memory issues are also a common side affect of SAH, a lot of people suffer short term memory problems, I did and still do 4 years out, some people will recover their short term memory, some people won't, every bleed is different and there is no one size fits all, everyone recovers differently, a lot also depends on where the bleed occurred in the brain as to what cognitive issues a person will have.


Recovery from SAH  is a very slow process, your mum will need lots of rest as her body and brain try to recover, the fact that she has you there for support is brilliant, you also need to make sure that you look after yourself too, this is a very stressful and difficult time for you all and any questions you have don't be worried about asking them, we can't give any medical advice as non of us are qualified to do So, but we can help you with our own experiences of SAH.


Best Wishes to you and your mum


Michelle xx 

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Hi there 


Warm welcome, Yes I would sleep 24hours a day if I was allowed too.  mines was due to medication I was on when I came off it I didn't want to sleep quite so much.


routine is a good thing to get into the habbit of taking tablets and eating its all a matter of trial and error what works for one person doesn't work for another, if your at all concerned call the doctor though.

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Thank you very much for your help it's much appreciate. Mum got flown home via air ambulance then taken straight home so at the moment other than GP we haven't known who to ask what is 'normal'.


When mums been awake she has been eating really well even 3 meals a day which beforehand she would never do and surprising us as she's lost a stone now weighing 8,5 it's just I think she would lay all day in bed if we didn't try to encourage food and fluids as she thinks she's had a drink and eaten when she hasn't. 


Thanks again for your advice it's much appreciated   xx

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I can sleep for England since SAH like today got up, felt tired and just got up approx. 7am.  At 9 am was was so tired I laid on bed and got up at 10.ish.


If worried ask the Doc if it is natural.  Her brain has been through a lot and recently and needs a rest, see a "message from your brain !!


I had an SAH4 and then a year later a shunt put in. I find that mornings and going out  I stay awake longer than if I just sit in. 


But I cannot walk more than 300 yards so hubby takes me out weekends as he works but not today lol xx Short term memory loss for me is a natural thing. <~~See forgot to add this lol 


Good luck to Mum and take care yourself  xxxx


Win xxxx

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Thank you very much it's reassuring to read. We are just worried as haven't seen a neurologist in England and obviously there was communication barrier abroad so this website helps massively.


May be we are expecting too much from mum. She went to bed at 8 last night we woke her up for tablets 8 this morning she went back to sleep until 9:30- had half hour downstairs then back in bed but last night she did have a bath and spent about 6 hours in total downstairs


thanks so much everyone x

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Tara, I presume you have notes, scans etc from Turkey. You need to see your GP and ask for an urgent referral to neurology at a hospital that deals with SAH as your mum needs following up. Don't leave the information from Turkey with your GP, keep it to give to the consultant you see.

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Hi Super Mario,


Our GP referred us to a neurologist 2 weeks ago we are just awaiting a letter now- we have all the paper work from mums stay in turkey as she was over there 3 weeks. Then an air ambulance brought her home and the doctor onboard said she was medically fit to go home- which shocked us.


 Thank you. Tara x


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Hi Tara, welcome to the site.


It seems no matter where we are, doctors have a tendency to just turn us loose after the SAH and repair of vessels ( if necessary). Kind of like " congratulations, you survived, go live your life". I know I had a brilliant neurosurgeon and interventional radiologist, but there was little to no discussion over what to expect after.


I struggled for five years before I finally saw a neurologist who explained where my brain was damaged, what that part of the brain controlled, and why I felt like I had attention deficit disorder and memory lapses. There just aren't any freebies. Your mom has damage.  She has blood that has to dissapate ( like a large bruise on the brain) and probably still has some headaches that affect her will to get up, or eat, or visit with family.  


My best hours after I came home were laying on the couch with my dog Annie, bless her heart.

So do not delay in getting your mom to a neurologist. Most GPs simply don't have the level of training to help with this.

Beat wishes to you. And remember to take care and time for yourself. You cannot help mom if you are all a frazzle..



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