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Angiogram done!

Guest Beth1957

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Guest Beth1957

Well, it wasn't the most pleasant experience in the world, but it went OK. The staff were all lovely & kept explaining what was going on... I'd said the night before that I might need to be sedated because I was wound up, but as it happens I was incredibly relaxed. In fact my blood pressure after the procedure was ridiculously low; it got down to 76/37 at one point - and I'm on medication for hypertension! I'd only had a local anesthetic :D It must have been a combination of doing breathing exercises & being really tired, I think. I just kept dosing off :oops:

Anyway, they had a good look round and after my recovery period me & my husband were taken off by the 2 consultants - the neurosurgeon & the coiling specialist - to look at the pictures. I have to say the annie is scarily impressive - egg-shaped, 2.3cm by 1.8, wide necked, on the carotid (LOL one of the consultants said that they were quite impressed with it too; I fely oddly proud!!).It's amazing that it hasn't gone bang, really - although one of the consultants did say that my occasional vicious attacks of exhaustion, and occasional violent headaches, could be due to small leaks.

They suggested trying stenting and coiling first, and only going for a craniotomy and a vascular bypass if that doesn't work. They said that they hoped to "do" me before the end of the year, so in the meantime I'll just go on taking life as easily as I can get away with :wink:

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hi beth

im pleased you have the information you have and that it puts your mind to rest elthough there are worries ahead but they seem to be caring drs so i hope it sooner rather than later for you so you can resume normal life and enjoy best wishs hugs and cuddles

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Hi Beth,

At least you now know whats going on. Mine was on the carotid artery too but only mine did burst! They managed to successfully coil me. You are in the right hands. Everything will be ok, my thoughts are hugs are with you xx

Well done on the angio by the way, you sounded amazingly calm!

Love and hugs



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